Wisdom of the Tree of Life – Tarot and the Kabbalah

Written by Amber



The catalyst for the belief that the tarot and the Kabbalah are connected was French occultist Eliphas Levi during the 19th Century.

His belief in the connection of the Tarot and the Kabbalah the Tree of Life inspired his interpretations of the Tarot. What is the Tree of Life? The Tree of Life is a diagram of all of the energies that make up the universe, God, and man.

What is the Tree of Life? it is a map of the microcosm and macrocosm, it is the meaning of the phrase “as above, so below” . The tree of life has 10 spheres or levels of influence called Sephirot (plural) and 22 paths connecting the Sephirot.

Each of the Sephirot of the Tree of Life represents levels of consciousness – in other words how we can connect with creation – God and spirit. Each sphere on the Tree of Life represents an archetype of one aspect of God’s energies.

The 10 Sephirot are:

  • 1.      Keter or Crown
  • 2.      Hokhmah or Wisdom
  • 3.      Binah or Understanding
  • 4.      Hesed or Kindness
  • 5.      Gevurah of Severity
  • 6.      Tiferet or Beauty
  • 7.      Netzach or Eternity
  • 8.      Hod or Splendor
  • 9.      Yesod or Foundation
  • 10.  Malkuth or Kingdom

Each of the 10 Sephirot has a unique energy of its own and is supervised by an archangel for example Archangels Raphael and Michael work together to lead the sephirot called “Tiferet”, which means beauty and harmony.

The connection between Wisdom of the Tree of life – Tarot and the kabbalah

The Tree of Life as we discussed earlier has 22 paths connecting the 10 Sephirot – the Major Arcana has 22 cards. With each of these 22 Major Arcana cards having a meaning which is related to the meaning of those paths.

The 22 Arcana cards connection between Wisdom of the Tree of life – Tarot and the kabbalah

Keter – Binah 1. The Magician
Keter – Hokhmah 0.  The Fool
Binah – Hokhmah 3. The Empress
Binah – Gevurah: 7. The Chariot
Hokhmah – Hesed 5 The Hierophant
Hokhmah – Tiferet 4. The Emperor
Binah – Tiferet 6. The Lovers
Gevurah – Hesed 8. Strength
Keter – Tiferet 2. The High Priestess
Gevurah – Tiferet 11. Justice
Hesed – Tiferet 9. The Hermit
Gevurah – Hod 12. The Hanged Man
Hesed – Netzach 10. Wheel of Fortune
Tiferet – Yesod: 14. Temperance
Hod – Netzach 16. The Tower
Tiferet – Hod 15. The Devil
Tiferet – Netzach 13. Death
Hod – Yesod 19. The Sun
Netzach – Yesod 17. The Star
Hod – Malkuth 20. Judgement
Yesod – Malkuth 21. The World
Netzach – Malkuth 18. The Moon


So you can see how the Wisdom of the Tree of life – Tarot and the kabbalah are connected.

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