The Ancient History of Meditation

Written by Amber

Taking a look at the ancient history of meditation reveals a belief that the roots of meditation go back to the primitive hunter-gatherer societies, it is thought that they discovered an altered state of consciousness while staring at the flames of their fires.

meditationIn India archaeologists discovered a figure of a yogi in the Indus Valley Civilization which is thought to be proof that yoga may have existed in the first Indian civilization.

Buddha, the world’s most iconic meditation scholars, first made his mark around 500 B.C. Before achieving his enlightenment as a Buddha, he was known as Siddhartha Gotama, and what actually led him to the Buddhahood was his own experimentation in meditation.

Siddhartha led a privileged life until the age of 30 when he became aware of the harsh realities outside his protected world. Seeing the poverty and suffering compelled him to search for answers for the suffering of humanity, he found enlightenment through meditation.

Siddhartha developed jhaanas and supranormal skills based on his experiences, developing a practice known as samatha. This meditation was known as Vipassanaa, which means the ability to see the nature of life and the world through meditation. By employing techniques of meditation known as Vipassanaa, one can attain Nirvana, which is the goal of Buddhist meditation.

The ancient history of meditation shows that Indian scriptures “tantras” mention meditation techniques 5000 years ago. South Indian tribes used Tantric meditation as an expression of the desire to understand the conscious mind.

The ancient history of meditation continues with the Indian Sage Patanjali, whos description of meditation is that of “self-realization.” Patanjali would pass this method  of “self-realization” onto his Gurus who would after a long period  of discipline and purification of body and mind would then pass it on to there disciples.

Saint Gyaneshwara had the technique translated into written text in the Sanskrit.

It took thousands of years for meditation to reach the Western World, meditation is very popular and used widely throughout the world.


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