The Facts and Mysteries behind Twin Flames

Written by Amber

Twin flames, is also referred to as our twin soul, it is believed that our twin flame is the other half of our soul.

llResearch into the facts and mysteries behind twin flames explains this controversial concept, it is said that in the beginning of time when we were created each of us was born with a male and female soul. The two souls were separated and each went their own separate way, re-incarnating over and over again to gather human experiences before coming back together.

It is said that it is because of this separation at the time you were first created your unconscious mind is always searching for this twin flame – twin soul connection.

Each twin is a complete soul that will go through life learning, having human experiences and becoming more enlightened, until they are re-united.

This could be the reason why for many of us we go through life never really feeling an ultimate love, or knowing what it is we are looking for we are searching for this twin flame – twin soul without even realising this is what we are doing.

The facts and mysteries behind twin flames – a twin flame is different to a soul mate. A soul mate is our soul family, these are those that we do have many lifetimes with and share experiences, our soul mate will help us grow and evolve. A soul mate can be found in various relationships – siblings, parents, best friends, relationships and so on.  There will be a deep connecting love and bond, which will be different from those other bonds you share with the other people in your life.

With reference to ancient wisdom, at the time of creation when our soul is born or descended, our souls are created along with a group of souls which are similar to us we share the same frequency – makeup, the other souls in this group are our soul mates. Each one of these souls has a male and a female soul (twin flames) these souls are then separated creating the twin flames – twin soul.

So how will you know when you have met your twin flame? There will be an indescribable feeling of completeness of “oneness”, it is believed that a twin flame relationship is the most fulfilling relationship that a human being will ever experience. There will be a feeling from both of you that you know each other from the first day of meeting.

When twin flames meet typically it is for some kind of spiritual service work, primarily. When twin flames meet there is a huge amount of creative energy released, which can be used to help the planet and humanity make a big shift forward in consciousness.

Unfortunately though sometimes the meeting union of twin flames – twin souls is made difficult because the individual people are not quite ready to unite. The meeting union of twin flames – twin souls is intense on many levels but especially on a spiritual level. Sometimes people think they have met their twin because the attraction is so intense, but it is a karmic attraction, one of need or bodily desire rather than the Divine Love of twins.

Therefore if one of the twins is not ready for the union of the twin flames (still has too much emotional baggage) which has not been cleared from this life and previous lives, the two may not unite. When twin flames unite all baggage is open for scrutiny to be healed.

Twin flames – twin souls are ultimately about the soul, our twin is the exact vibrational frequency of us. To conclude until we are truly happy within ourselves the connection to our twin will not be as it should be. If you have met your twin flame but are unable to accept things as they are without wanting to alter things then you are not ready for the union.

Therefore, there is a necessary need for us to look beyond physical circumstances. Our souls are being prepared for Ascension, to exit this cycle of existence on earth, to prepare us for soul consciousness, as opposed to only believing in what the eye can see and the social ideals/beliefs we have learnt to believe in and follow.

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