Brief history of the Roma “Gypsy” people

Written by Amber

History has no conclusive evidence which would tell us exactly where the Roma people originated from. Over time the Roma people have absorbed outsiders into their groups from various different peoples who have come together for different reasons; which makes it more difficult to pin point exactly where this mysterious group of people started from.

Gypsy-MusicianMany believe that the Roma originated in Europe – Egypt and were known among other things as Egyptians or “Gyptians” which is believed to be where the word Gypsy comes from.

However toward the end of the 18th century European scholars realized that the Romani language was indeed linked in many aspects to India. Many basic words, some numerals, names for body parts, actions and terms for friendship and family were taken from the Indian language. They therefore concluded that the Roma must have originated from India.

This then leads to the question if the Roma are indeed from India, when and why did they leave?

Whatever you believe about the origins of this mysterious people, there is more to them than meets the eye. The first European descriptions of the Roma people upon their entering Europe emphasized their dark skin and black hair. Through integration with Europeans over the centuries, Roma people today can also be found with light skin and hair. The first record of the travelling people in Ireland was in 1100CE.

Brief history of the Roma “Gypsy” fortune telling people

Typically when we speak of the Roma “Gypsy” people we think of mysterious women reading a crystal balls or tarot cards.

Other forms of gypsy fortune telling include palm reading and tea leaf readings. Generally crystal ball readings were the most popular form of fortune telling by the Roma Gypsy people, the gypsies would set up decorated ornate booths which would entice and wow their clients.

The Roma Gypsy fortune telling people also used tarot cards these originally were a simple pack of playing cards, where the:

  • Spades – Represent the swords of tarot cards.
  • Clubs – Represent the wands of tarot cards.
  • Hearts – Represent the cups of tarot cards.
  • Diamonds – Represent the pentacles of tarot cards.

Joker – All the joker cards represent The Fool from the Tarots, which must always be read along with the other cards that were selected by the seeker.

While this brief history of the Roma “Gypsy” people is exactly that a brief look, what most experts can agree with is that the Roma Gypsy people did have migrations that would leave them dispersed throughout the world, the first of these migrations is thought to have been from India over a thousand years ago.

The second migration is believed to be the Aresajipe, from southwest Asia into Europe during the 14th century.

The third migration was from Europe to the United States during the 19th century and early 20th century after the abolishment of Romani slavery in Europe.

Today it is thought that there is more than twelve million Roma/Gypsies living across the world.

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