Briefly looking at numerology

Written by Amber

NumerologyThe study of a number’s symbolism is known as numerology. Numerology, like astrology, is a metaphysical science.


Numerology can be used to determine a person’s spiritual, an emotional character, personality, talents, strengths, desires, communication and interaction strengths and weaknesses.


Numerology can be used for divination this method uses numbers of varying vibrational patterns that form the human experience.


There are many different numerology systems that assign a number to a letter in the alphabet.


1 = a j s
2 = b k t
3 = c l u
4 = d m v
5 = e n w
6 = f o x
7 = g p y
8 = h q z
9 = i r


These numbers are reduced until a single number remains, except for the master numbers 11 and 22 – So for my name A M B E R the sum is 1+4+2+5+9= 21 this is then 2+1=3 so the numerical number I am left with for my name number is 3
Using this simple formula with a persons name as it appears exactly on their birth certificate along with the birth date can produce the numerologist with the information they need to determine the querents characteristics and so on.


The name number explains how the person will socially interact with others as well as their physical attributes and characteristics.


The Various Facets of Numerology



Like the numerology of name, the personality number, the destiny number, the maturity number, the birth number, the life path numbers, the soul number AND SO ON…


These numbers are worked out with the same simple mathematics as the above example.


So What Do Some of the Various Facets of Numerology Stand For?


  • The numerology of the name number tells us:
    About characteristics, personality


  • The numerology of the destiny number tells us:
    About working out our own destiny


  • The numerology of the expression number tells us:
    About how you look – this shows also how others see you


  • The numerology of the motivation (heart and soul) number tells us:
    About our inner self (desires) and how to express this



Written by Amber

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