Taking a look at what precognition is

Written by Amber


According to parapsychology, precognition is thought to be an extrasensory perception – ESP also known as second sight or future sight- “a premonition”

139/365 - Out to SeaIt is believed to be the psychic ability of knowing what will occur in advance of it actually happening.

What is ESP? Typically ESP is phenomena, knowledge that goes against the established principles of science. One theory on precognition refers to research into quantum physics and cosmology reveal to us how the mind interacts with the Universe, it is this research which indicates the “idea” that there is more than one Universe and that because of this we are constantly interacting with many of these so-called undetected or hidden Universes!

However there are times when what would appear as precognition can be misleading – for example sometimes we may fear something or be expecting something and then it happens this is not precognition this is our subconscious mind at work; like for example a lady dreaming she is pregnant only to find out a few weeks late she is! These are dreams led by our innermost hopes and fears or desires, this is not precognition this is our subconscious mind at work. A truly precognitive dream is one which shows sight to an unpredictable event or situation.

So according to parapsychology, precognition extrasensory perception – ESP also known as second sight or future sight – “a premonition” But is this right? What is the difference between precognition and premonition?

Taking a look at what precognition is and how it is different to premonition?

Premonition is a waking vision being able to see a future event or a flash into the future. These are gut feelings something is about to happen. So a premonition is more about having a sense or a feeling of things to come.

Precognition is the ability to see a future event whilst sleeping. So in general the feelings and senses associated with premonitions are also experienced with precognition, the one big difference is premonition happens in our waking hours whereas precognition happens in our sleeping hours.

Studies into to precognition have associated this ability with the part of the brain which controls feelings, it is thought that those with precognitive abilities are generally those with creative minds as well as those who meditate or do yoga. The assumption being that this group of people are more likely to be able to disconnect themselves from the ordinary goings on in the world, and are able to better concentrate themselves on situations/circumstances that engage them.

Studies into precognition have also associated this ability with emotional involvement, in somebody or something which leads to imagining future occurrences about the person or event, which come true, sometimes this explained as a psychic experience, unforeseen reasons and at times sheer coincidence.

Precognitive knowledge can also be gained through trance like states, channelling, divination and mediumship. Typically the precognitive episode will happen within 48 hours of the forthcoming situation/event, however in some more rare cases the precognitive episode will happen maybe months before the event or situation occurs.

References to precognition date back to ancient times when prophets and oracles were asked for the guidance in forthcoming events. However typically free will can alter any future and free will is there to be had in all of us, for example we have all probably heard how an incident was averted, someone was saved from disaster by changing their previously formed plans based on precognitive information.

I hope that you have enjoyed taking a look at what precognition is

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