Brief look at the gypsy traditions and beliefs

Written by Amber

Typically most Gypsies are catholic, but over the years and integration with different cultures many gypsies are now of various religions.

Gypsy-Musicians maleHowever the philosophy of Jainism is still upheld by many of the Roma people. Jainism means “understanding” in Roma – Gypsy language.

Jainism is one of the oldest religions it is a practise – a way of life, which is meant to date back to the 7th century, originating in ancient India. Jainism is practised by the Roma gypsy people where the church and the priest are the Universe and the open fields and sky.

Jainism should not be written, it is a part of life taught through example. True Roma people believe once Jainism is written it will leave it open to misinterpretation, change and fraud, therefore Jainism is a lifestyle which is upheld and taught through generations.

Jainism stresses spiritual independence and equality between all forms of life. Followers of this religion believe that non-violence and self-control is the means by which they can obtain liberation from the cycle of reincarnations.

True Roma people believe that controlling the senses including the mind is important – not having this control can lead one away from the true nature of the soul.

So taking a brief look at the gypsy traditions and beliefs of the true Roma people

The gypsy traditions hold the man as the head of the family and the woman as the heart of the family. Typically once married the woman joins her husband’s family and will look after him, their children and her in-laws. In the household the elder man for example Grandfather is top, with women gaining respect as they grow older. Once a young wife has had a child her level of respect will grow.

Family is very important to the Roma gypsy people. Marrying young is quite common and when children reach their teens, they are considered an adult. Marriages can be large affairs steeped in tradition and money. The birth of a baby into a family is also a highly celebrated affair, as it signifies the growth of the family line.

So why is it believed that the true gypsy people have mystical powers? To understand this belief it is important to look at how the true gypsy people lived, within nature under the stars, free and un-restricted. These gypsy people live by the land understanding nature their sense were heightened – their sixth sense was prominent and this knowledge of the land and its wonders was passed through the generations.

The Gypsy traditions and beliefs are many, but probably two of the most important beliefs to the gypsy people are birth and death. To the Romany these 2 events are very special, and this is passed through generations.

Typically the Roma gypsy people live and travel in extended family groups which provide support and companionship.

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