“Intuitive Readings Using the Transparent Tarot”

Written by Amber


Let’s examine intuitive readings using the transparent tarot.


Unlike any other tarot deck the transparent tarot is completely unique!

The transparent tarot was designed by artist Emily Carding, printed on transparent plastic the cards are designed to be read in overlapping  layers.        For example a three card spread is layered one on top of the other and read as one card/image giving a more in-depth image and reading. This also applies to the Celtic cross spread when three or four cards can be layered in each position, again giving the image depth and deeper meaning. This then adds a vast extent of clarity to any reading, and a whole new dimension to tarot readings

As with any regular tarot deck there are 78 cards – 56 minor arcana cards and 22 major arcana cards. With the transparent tarot deck each of the cards has been designed so that it will interconnect with any of the other cards in many different combinations, this includes reversals. The distinctive quality of the transparent tarot deck means that you can flip the cards to generate additional amalgamations. 

The artistic images displayed on the cards are minimalistic representations designed by artist Emily Carding in a manner that makes it easy to combine the images together without confusion, to make a different image/scene with a deeper meaning. This makes it possible for readers to produce intuitive readings using the transparent tarot deck.

The minor arcana have been created to echo the Rider Waite deck but as simplified human silhouettes giving a  new dimension to tarot readings. At first glance the individual image appears basic, but once combined with other cards, they create a dramatic and impressive picture with many combinations of meaning.

Seasoned readers find the many combinations exciting and intuitive readings using the transparent tarot can be gained with exciting combinations of images. For the beginner the simplicity of the symbolic images makes learning tarot fun and a pleasing way of discovering how the many amalgamations of cards work within a reading. The meanings of all the cards are the typical established meanings.

The transparent tarot is a completely new way of interpreting the tarot, and opens the door to a whole new way of reading. For collectors, it is unlike anything else available, and is sure to become a must have for any tarot and oracle collection!

For me the possibilities are endless for interpreting the tarot, it gives me the depth and freedom to read tarot in my own unique and unconventional manner.

To see the many combinations of imagery and colour on the pure white background cloth creates a sense of new beginnings and endless promises.

Grab your reading now including a picture of the transparent tarot as it is drawn uniquely for you. We are all individuals on our own path, a reading with the transparent tarot is as individual as you are, try one now!

Visit: http://www.online-tarot-readings-by-amber.info


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