Cleansing the Aura…part two

Written by Amber

Cleansing the Aura…part two

Cleansing the aura is a form of healing which helps cleanse and repair damaged and dull auras.

Our auras are affected by various things like for example the past, ailments, our environment; work, home, other people and so on…

A polluted aura can make you feel ill, tired, run down, emotionally drained, stressed and unbalanced. A polluted aura will attract negativity like a huge fly paper sucking in negativity and keeping it stuck to you. This then has a knock on effect of deflecting positivity creating more challenges and difficulties being drawn towards you.

Typically cleansing the aura can be achieved by the individual but on occasions help can and does need to be sought from a professional psychic that can read and work with auras.

My favourite method of aura cleansing involves the use of crystals.

Aura cleansing crystal healing

Crystals have been around for thousands of years and will generally vibrate at a higher frequency. There are many different crystals available for protection, strengthening, healing and energizing your aura such as smoky quartz, amber, obsidian, amethyst, citrine, selenite, fluorite, magnetite and black tourmaline my personal favourite aura cleansing crystal for healing is clear quartz crystal.


Aura cleansing crystal healing with Clear Quartz Crystal

 The all singing all dancing crystal, good for the brain, good for the soul a very powerful dispeller of negativity in your own energy field (aura). Receives, activates, amplifies and transmits energy. This is a good thought provoker, a good crystal for meditation and can help with communication difficulties as well as with the higher self. Used as an excellent channeller for healing.

Aura cleansing crystal healing with clear quartz crystal:

Probably the easiest method to cleanse your aura is to carry one with you or wear it as jewellery you could also keep one at the head of your bed.

Another method used for cleansing is while relaxed and laying on a comfortable surface, (try and avoid this exercise while you are tired or all you will achieve is falling asleep) place the clear quartz crystal on your brow (third eye chakra area) between your eyes above the eyebrows middle forehead. Shut your eyes and relax, if you are able to meditate try and visualise a pure white light radiating from the crystal and bathing your entire body, imagine this white light cleansing and healing your aura, release the negativity into this white light and allow yourself to heal.

Another method is to utilise the power of the moon – for this method you will need a FULL MOON. Gather your items – an empty spray liquid bottle (atomizer) cleaned thoroughly. Your crystals clear crystal quartz or you can use other crystals such as rose quartz or even moonstone. Put the crystals in the bottle and add spring water, leave the crystals to infuse in the water in the light of the moon over night. The next day spray the water in a mist around your body and allow this infused water to cleanse your aura.

You can also sweep a crystal such as clear quartz crystal repeatedly through your energy field, head to toe, with the intention that it will absorb any negative energy.

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