Gain Clarity with Tarot

Written by Amber

There are two main types of tarot readings the Open reading and the question reading…

Gain clarity with an open tarot reading:

fate To gain clarity with an open tarot reading which looks at the larger aspect of your life, rather than answer a specific question or a certain problem it gives a general overview. Typically the open tarot reading is more popular at events where the psychic tarot reader will generally use a spread such as the Celtic cross spread. The open tarot reading can be used when the querent is entering new phase of their life – for example getting married, graduating or starting a family. The psychic tarot reader can direct the reading slightly for the querent but not along direct lines for example the reading can be based for example on career or health, but that’s as specific as the direction gets.

Gain clarity with a question tarot reading is probably easier when the querent has a specific question/s that they want to ask. A professional tarot reader like myself is governed by a strict code of ethics which should be adhered too at all times this includes never giving gambling, legal advice or medical advice the querent should always be referred onto a professional in that field.

The question tarot reading is typically used for love readings or to gain clarity, if for example you already have an answer when asking the question it narrows the options – what does this mean well let’s look at an example – you wish to know about your impending divorce – you already know the answer – so to give a more rounded answer you would be better to ask how t deal with this, if there are any hurdles or info you need to be aware of.

When asking a question in a tarot reading be focused on what you want to know – don’t get too involved in small details – try and be clear and precise this makes it easier for the psychic tarot reader to understand what you are asking and focus their attention to give you more clarity.

An overcomplicated question can cloud what it is you actually want to know – remember the psychic tarot reader can’t unscramble your mind – you must be clear!

Always focus the question on yourself it is your reading – for example your daughter is in a  terrible relationship, so instead of asking when will my daughter break free of this relationship, ask how you can help and support your daughter in her relationship this then brings the focus to you and will give you the clarity you need to enable you to be supportive.

Tarot cards offer guidance, therefor if your view is blinkered the clarity or guidance may not necessarily be what you want to hear. A preconceived idea or a closed mind can make the reading pointless. For example if you are asking for guidance but then don’t like the guidance that is read out from the cards then don’t ask in the first place. Ok so an example of this could be asking why your husband is lazy this isn’t neutral; but asking how you can get more co-operation from your husband is neutral.

The other thing to try and remember when seeking a tarot reading is to make your question positive, why?  Ok look at the example why hasn’t Daniel proposed to me yet? Now look at this example of the same question in a more positive frame – what can I do to up the possibility of Daniel wanting to marry me. Can you see the difference in the two examples ok so if you are seeking  tarot reading to ask a specific question like this try and word the question in a more positive manner.

I hope this has helped….

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