Could tarot readings help me

Written by Amber

Using the tarot can HELP you to gain understanding and awareness into your life and situation. However a good tarot reading has advantages and limitations, it can help give clear insight but it can’t make decisions or solve problems for you.

Could tarot readings help me I am often asked could tarot readings help me – Imagine a good tarot reading is like a snap shot of your life, how it has evolved and grown – what has happened is happening and could possibly happen – the external and internal influences. The psychic tarot reader uses the tarot cards as a tool he/she will tune into you energy and give you an idea of unseen influences, patterns of behaviour, obstacles, weaknesses and strengths.

The psychic tarot reader will help give you clarity, with the insight gained through a Tarot reading.  The psychic tarot reader and tarot will not make decisions for you, only you can alter/change your own fate this is called free will. However the Tarot can imply what actions may be taken and a possible outcome if you take them, it does not predict a definite future, as said above each of us has free will and that includes those around you.

We all have choices these are constantly happening whether you are aware of them or not – each action we undertake has a cause and affect like a ripple running out into the wider ocean of our life. With the insight gained through a Tarot reading you will feel more prepared to make decisions and take the actions which will serve your own interests, development and growth. 

So looking at the possibilities – could the insight gained in a tarot reading such as the Celtic cross spread – a full tarot spread give me insight into the future? The psychic tarot reader will undoubtedly pull a supposed outcome/future card in position 6 and in position 10. Ok so this outcome car is a predicted outcome should everything remain the same as it is at the time of your reading. Therefore, if nothing alters and you continue to progress, think, act, feel, and see things in the same way, then the conclusion is liable to be what the outcome card suggests.

Ok so this is where free will kicks in – if any one factor alters it sends a ripple in to the ocean of your life and the outcome can alter – ok so this could be a change of direction/thought, action, an external influence – another person, a walk down a different path, this can then cause the outcome and your future card to change.

With the insight gained through a tarot reading you can take responsibility for the life you have made for your-self, the psychic tarot reading can give you confidence, offer guidance and empower you to make the changes you want in your life, it can also help you let go of the past and bad behaviours.

The insight gained in a good tarot reading can help you adjust behaviours and make changes. It is not typical that a tarot reading will answer a yes or no question. It is also not typical that a tarot reading will pinpoint an exact date – however that said each suit is representative of a season – dates. Astrology is also used in the tarot for example the Emperor oversees the star sign of Aries and so on…

The psychic tarot reading can help you put things together like a jigsaw puzzle – for example simply asking “when will I marry” is not going to be helpful – remember free will and so on. However the tarot can help you by showing you the sequence of necessary events for example what needs to happen, be changed, or be adjusted. But again the tarot can’t make these alterations for you, that’s totally down to you!

The psychic tarot reading can help you cut through the fluff and see things clearly, it can give you vital knowledge which can help you to establish the life and future you choose. For all of us some of those small ripples sent out can cause waves, even tidal waves it is at these times a psychic tarot reading can help, it can help you put things into perspective, see where you went wrong and put it right – hopefully!

The forks we encounter and choices we make in life create character it is at these points we grow, advice can be sought and given through the tarot, however this advice is just that advice it is not meant to replace your own thoughts, feelings and actions – your free will

Also advice can be sought and given through the tarot BUT an ethical tarot reader will NOT give medical, legal or financial help or advice – NO lottery numbers! However a good tarot reading can help you better understand your’ issue/problem, for example the insight gained in a tarot reading can disclose the behaviours and actions you took that led you to this point.

For example, if you are unhappy in your job – the tarot can help you understand why and what occurred to make you unhappy. It can suggest possible reasons and help you make choices about the actions you could take. This kind of information can help prevent you making the same errors in the future.

Maybe you are feeling stuck in a rut or situation and can’t imagine a way out a good tarot reading can help you see how you got into this predicament and provide ideas of an exit route. During a tarot reading other issues may crop up, things you thought nothing about this again can still be helpful in understanding where you are and where you have been on your life path.

During a tarot reading the querent (you) can ask questions for clarity, this interaction can help you get the most from your personal tarot reading, an ethical tarot reader will encourage you to ask questions, doing this can help the ethical tarot reader understand you situation and tune into this area to give you more precise and guided help.

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