Psychic Tarot Readings St. Albans

Written by Amber

Psychic Tarot Readings St. Albans
Why not turn your party in to a psychic party? Tarot readings are very popular.


What is a Psychic Tarot Reading?

A psychic tarot reading is form of divination. The art of divination has been practise throughout History.

An authentic psychic should have the gift of ESP (extra sensory perception). An authentic psychic is able to sense things that the majority of people are unable to pick up on.

For example Clairvoyance is the ability to see visions and describe people, places even objects.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds – voices from paranormal (spirit) sources.

Throughout a psychic tarot reading the psychic will endeavour to connect to your energy, to be able to help give you clarity about what is happening around you at the time of the reading.

A psychic tarot reader will not only have ESP (extra sensory perception) bit will also have the skill and knowledge needed to interpret the Tarot. There are various Tarot Decks available with probably the most popular Tarot Decks being the Rider Waite packs.

The images on the Tarot Deck have meanings an authentic psychic tarot reader will be able to identify and connect to the energy around you and use this skill to help them interpret the tarot reading to your individual story.

An authentic psychic tarot reader in many instances is clairvoyant and therefore will be able to add information to the tarot spread using their inner visions.

The tarot cards help the psychic tarot reader focus and tune in to your present circumstance, your past and the potential future shown for you. The reader can then use empathy and human nature to offer reassurance and potential outcomes in a non-judgemental fashion.

Many authentic psychic tarot readers also have the ability to contact the spirit realms, these readers are mediums.

A medium is able to connect to the spirit realms and communicate with the deceased, the medium can give messages from passed love ones and offer proof of survival of the spirit after death.

Like my-self many authentic psychic tarot readers will incorporate guidance from the spirit or from their own spirit guide into their tarot readings. I offer Psychic Tarot Readings in St. Albans, I specialise in love readings, career and general readings. No professional Tarot reader will offer medical diagnosis, or claim to offer lottery numbers or give legal advice, any reader that does is probably not a professional tarot reader.

Typically the aim of a tarot reading is to help you see a situation or circumstance more clearly. The tarot reading should help give clarity and understanding. It should provide you with a life map of your situation past, present and a potential outcome.

A psychic tarot reading is a personal experience that can refresh your spirit and renew your determination to find fulfilment. Approach it with an open mind and heart, and prepare to be amazed.

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Face to Face Psychic Tarot Card Readings in St. Albans and surrounding areas:

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Alternatively visit my website at:
For online email tarot readings
Photo readings
In depth Past, Present and Future Readings
And the ever popular Tarotscopes


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