In-depth Reading Using Transparent Tarot

Written by Amber

The Transparent is a revolutionary innovation in the world of Tarot, why?

In-depth Reading Using Transparent Tarot
The Transparent Tarot uses clear sheets of plastic with symbolic images and elements that are designed to be read in layers to make combined pictures and meanings that can give in-depth readings using the transparent tarot a whole new depth of meaning.
This new method of reading tarot can produce different variations and combinations of images that can be used along with the intuition of the psychic tarot reader to help discover and unravel hidden depths in the reading.
Each image of the images of the transparent tarot are transparent as the name implies – the Major Arcana is represented as abstract archetypal images for example: A lightening flash for the Tower, a white butterfly for the Fool, a tree trunk for the Hierophant.
In the Minor Arcana figures are present interacting with each other but there is no scenery. This sparseness creates space on the cards, and allows for other cards to interrelate creating larger images, sometimes connected, sometimes overlapping and other times apart. Each the cards are dealt it allows the intuition of the psychic reader to dig into the reading and find more detail and with new meaning.
When comparing the Major and Minor arcana cards it is evident that the Major Arcana cards are far more colourful and have been created on a far bigger scale than the cards of the Minor Arcana. Each individual tarot suit is given a colour, which is associated with the four elements.
By giving each individual tarot suit a colour when the psychic tarot reader places the cards for the reading it creates subtle tones to the spread when layering the transparent tarot cards, this shows a huge amount of artistic and technical skill on behalf of Carding herself.
It appears when layering the transparent tarot cards that each card has been carefully crafted to fit with the other cards to produce and overall image. For example the four Knights, all four knights kneel holding the respective suit symbol outstretched in their hand, two of the knights face left, while the other two face right. But when they are layered on top of each other it appears as if their legs bent legs are one and the same.
This connectedness of the cards is shown with many of the images for example place the Aces together to form an image in the centre of the cards which represents the four elements.
For me the experience of giving an in-depth reading using the transparent tarot is different to that of performing a reading with my Rider Waite cards. The transparent tarot allows me more depth. However this pack is not to suit all readers with its simplistic and abstract symbols and images.
To view my daily and weekly cards using the transparent tarot and to see how the cards can be combined to give deeper more meaningful interpretations visit my website at:


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