Can a Tarot reading help you to move on and heal?

Written by Amber

It is true that a good Tarot reading can indeed help you to move on and heal – the actual art of divination can be very therapeutic and harmonizing.

Can a Tarot reading help you to move on and heal

A good Tarot reading can give clarity, help resolve issues and provide you with alternative options and solutions it will also help you to gain insight on those things you need answered.

A good Tarot reading can also help you to see things – situations from a different angle giving you an advantage. A lot of people ask me can a Tarot reading help you to move on and heal – yes sometimes it is advantageous to get a clear understanding of your current position, to determine how you got there and what can help you move forward.

Sometimes a psychic tarot reading can shed light on something which is baffling you or is causing you worry or concern. It can also help you find a way forward, help you deal with awkward situations or find the right communication vent. A psychic tarot reading can also help you heal a rift in a relationship or move on from a painful experience.

How to use a tarot reading to move on and heal

One of the easiest ways is to get a reading – find a professional tarot reader local to you and visit for a reading, have a list of questions you need answered in your head or write them down. Alternatively look online there are hundreds of psychics working online like myself I can be contacted at:

or via email at:

There are also various self-help methods to help you to heal using tarot:

meditationMeditation: Whether you use tarot or any other form of meditation the actual practice of meditation is very beneficial and good for you.
Meditation using tarot:

Meditation using the tarot can be quite simple, there are 78 tarot cards in the tarot deck – 22 major and 56 minor arcana cards – so a lot to choose from! Look through the tarot deck and find a tarot card which either represents how you feel or your situation or choose a card you feel drawn to.

Sit in a quiet room free of distractions, now look deeply into the card meditation using tarot need not be difficult, relax and allow your thoughts to settle imagine your situation and what it is you want to alter – let go of. Look for the solutions within the tarot card.

Now keep the card or a copy of the card with you let the energy and image of the card help you to manifest whatever it was you meditated upon. Use this exercise your own way once you begin the meditation using tarot you will instinctively know what is right for you.
The-Devil There are various self-help methods to help you to heal using tarot – perhaps it is a negative situation which is troubling you, an addiction, or an addictive person. Perhaps you want to break a bad habit, heal from an illness or end a troublesome cycle in your life? Using a similar method to above, look through the tarot deck and find a tarot card which either represents how you feel or your situation from the tarot deck – For example if it is an addiction you want to let go of you may choose the Devil card. The image I am using here is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck it shows two people bound by a chain which is hung loosely around their necks, they appear to be enslaved.
Place the tarot card that you have chosen in the example it is the Devil card face down on the table, and confirm to yourself that which you wish to break free of. It may also help at this stage to print a copy of the card and your conformation of what you wish to let go of then destroy the image of the card. As you do, feel yourself being freed from what has enslaved you.
Each of the 78 tarot cards in the tarot deck – 22 major and 56 minor arcana cards has a story to tell.

Tarot stimulates our intuition and creativity, thus provides an opening which allows us to delve inside ourselves and seek knowledge and answers. A psychic tarot reading is an intense tool for healing. So why choose a psychic tarot reading as an intense tool for healing?
Ok let’s examine an example of how to use a tarot reading to move on and heal…

For this I have chosen the 2 of Pentacles..

Two of PentaclesSo first let us consider the image itself: It depicts a young man standing on one leg he appears to be dancing while juggling the two pentacles wrapped in the infinity sign. Behind him is a turbulent sea with two ships riding the waves. The man seems to have a concerned look on his face.
This card could be chosen to help deal with anxiety or a hectic lifestyle. So the idea is for you to study the card, this can be done in a number of ways you can actually become the character trying to multi-task juggling and dancing. Or you can look into the card and study what is actually occurring help the character figure out a better option.
So with card some of the keywords are: Adaptability, juggling, anxiety, agitation, trouble, travel, balance, utilizing skills and thought before action.
What does the sea tell us behind the man…turbulence, trouble, riding the waves. We can deduce each ship has enough cargo for their journey but must stabilise the ship so as not to sink. From the mans concerned face we can deduce that all is not right in his world like the ship behind him we can see he is worried, doing too much at once, trying to multi-task and be adaptable (dance and juggle at the same time)
The juggling itself can indicate that he is trying to juggle many things in his life. Can you see how we go with this image, you can look deeper is he dancing or in-fact on one leg, could there be an issue with timing, feeling out of place, being out of caught wrong footed, or maybe this is a sign of an actual physical issue with the leg.
You can also examine the colour in the card and so on…by drilling into the card you can start to unravel your own feelings asking questions of yourself while looking into the card, seeking your own answers from within you. Don’t force the answers let them come naturally.
This is one of the self-help methods to help you to heal using the tarot.
So when asked: Can a Tarot reading help you to move on and heal? YES it can
A psychic tarot reader can also help you to heal using the tarot in a similar way, like myself I will look at this card as well as the surrounding cards and piece together a picture of where you are right now and how you got there, then discuss the possible outcomes which are shown in the tarot reading.
This process is very insightful and will help you to gain clarity and understanding of your situation and how you can heal and move on.
For more info on private readings with myself face to face or online visit me at:


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