Getting an Accurate Tarot Reading Online or Face to Face

Written by Amber

Typically most people consult the Tarot when they are facing issues, problems or challenges. Tarot can provide answers and clarity.   There are two real type of tarot reading the question and the open tarot reading.

Getting an Accurate Tarot Reading Online or Face to Face

The first type of tarot reading the question:

In the tarot question reading, you are focusing on a specific question. Tarot is not meant to provide a yes or no answer, or make a decision for you. Instead it should be used as a guide helping you to see the bigger picture and therefore help you to make the decision yourself. It is therefore vital in the tarot reading the question is worded correctly.

How to ask a more accurate tarot psychic reading question to get a clearer perspective:

So how to word the question to ask tarot cards…

   1. Be specific  with your question to ask tarot cards for example: Your question should be focused, but not overly detailed. Rather than looking at one specific  part of a problem, try and look at it from a wider more broad perspective.

So if your question was “Should I put my mother in a nursing home” You could re-word this to get a clearer answer to: “What insight can Tarot provide to help me decide on the best living arrangement for my Mother”.

This is a more focused question, but not overly detailed so it will broaden the answer tarot can provide, include the minimum level of detail needed in order to express what you want to learn from the cards. Find the right level of detail and wording so that you are not too vague or over detailed.

If the question to ask tarot cards is specifically about you, then focus on you for example:

Why is Mary acting this way?

What can I do to help Mary?

What role have I played in Mary’s issue?

Look at the above three examples, the first is all focused on Mary, the second is still predominantly about Mary, whereas the last question is focused totally on you the asker (querent).

Think about the difference between an open tarot question and closed tarot question.

What do I mean by this…typically an open tarot question should start with “wh” or “how” – who, where, why, what, when and How. This type of question will give more information.

For example:  What advice can tarot give me about changing my job this is a more focused and open question to will I change my job this is a closed tarot question.

So how can you assure you are getting an accurate tarot reading online or face to face? Consider your options

Reading for yourself while great can sometimes be a mistake and is more likely to result in an inaccurate or misdirected reading for example when you are highly emotional about something like a relationship split, a redundancy, family problems and so on.

In this instance you may want to wait until your emotions have subsided, so that you can be objective, or consult a professional psychic tarot reader like myself at:

Sometimes it can be necessary to draw a clarifying tarot card, for example if you pull the seven of pentacles indicating decisions and being at a crossroad. While drawing a clarifying tarot card is ok maybe once or twice to help you better see your options, it is a mistake to keep drawing cards it only confuses the reading.

You may also find that sometimes even subconsciously you continuously draw a clarifying tarot card until you finally draw the card that you want to see, this can happen especially if the question is highly emotional, or you yourself are in an emotional state of mind.

It is always a good idea to remember when reading tarot for yourself to only draw clarifying cards if completely necessary and then only one or two never anymore.

Typically the most common mistake when reading tarot for yourself is to do multiple readings on the same topic/issue.  When you do this it can lead to a lot of confusion, as a professional psychic tarot reader I would recommend not reading on the same question over and over instead wait a while then do the reading again.

The other thing which you may want to consider when reading tarot for yourself is the complex meaning each tarot card has which is what makes them so rich and multifaceted. Each card has a multitude of aspects including its elemental dignity, its numerological number and the suit characteristic etc.

You then need to consider the surrounding cards and how they interact with each other and so on…it’s not as easy as laying out cards and trawling through a book for the meaning which best suits what you are looking for.

There are many books online, sites and other resources to buy that will give you an explanation of the many and various meanings for each of the tarot cards you have laid out but you are then in danger of trawling through sites till you find a meaning which suits your need.

Getting an accurate tarot reading online or face to face, I am a natural born empathy and psychic, I offer tarot readings face to face in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.no1

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