Looking for intuitive tarot readings

Written by Amber


  I must state right here from the start I am an unconventional tarot reader yes, but with a great respect for the history, traditions and symbolism of the tarot.

  For me not respecting the history, traditions and symbolism of the tarot would make the tarot nothing more than a pretty deck of playing cards, which it is NOT!

 Having being brought up with spiritualism very strongly running through my family, I am of Romany decent I know the importance of being open in my tarot readings, I am therefore pretty  much open to practically everything where tarot is concerned.

  Looking for intuitive tarot readings means being fluid it is an ever-evolving journey; that said I do have boundaries in my readings.

  I deliver intuitive tarot readings and believe all decent psychic tarot readers will utilize their sense of intuition to a great degree. However with respect to my fellow tarot readers I do firmly believe that the tarot interpretation must to a certain degree have its foundation rooted in the historical and traditional, symbolic meaning of the tarot card.

Ok so that said, looking for intuitive tarot readings starts first in like I just said the symbolic meaning of the tarot card, taken one step further. As an intuitive tarot reader we look into and beyond the card into the place off to the side where the actual intuitive reading begins to take shape and speak.

The various elements are taken into consideration and the image becomes a story. Now during the reading if I get imagery or flashes of intuitive insight but this bears no relation to the cards laid out before me, I would naturally deliver the message but would probably say something along the lines of “this is not laid out in your cards, but I feel I need to tell you…”

Of cause when you are looking for an intuitive tarot reading it is important that you choose a psychic tarot reader with experience in tarot and not just someone that reads from a book or uses mere guess work.

Tarot is s tool for divination and used correctly it can give tremendous clarity and insight into your past, present and future.

Now it’s probably worth touching on the question and how to word your question correctly especially if you are wondering about a relationship questions to ask a psychic or wanting an online tarot reading.

Your question should have as little fluff in as possible and should be a direct question for example “what insight can tarot give into my relationship with John” this is an excellent example of the perfect  relationship questions to ask a psychic rather than beating about the bush with a load of unnecessary info or chat.

I am an unconventional tarot reader but it is my respect for the history, traditions and symbolism of the tarot rather than making it up as we go along that makes me the International psychic tarot reader I am today.

To book a psychic tarot or photo reading with me please visit my website at: http://www.online-tarot-readings-by-amber.info


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