How can a tarot reading help me

Written by Amber

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Amber uses the Tarot as a significant tool for increasing awareness and insight into your situation.

As with many divination methods Tarot has many advantages it also has some limitations, for example tarot is not designed to provide a simple yes or no it looks far deeper than that to the overall situation, to provide insight and help you see solutions.

Whilst Tarot can help you deal with issues and make choices it is not going to solve all problems, Tarot is not a magic wand it is a tool to help you gain clarity and clear sight.

What is a Tarot Reading and how can a tarot reading help me?

Think of an intuitive psychic tarot reading as a large plan of what your life looks like at the time of your reading with Amber.

Amber will tune into your energy and using Tarot as a significant tool she will be able to gain a picture of your situation the patterns of behaviour, obstacles, and strengths around you at the time of the reading.

An intuitive psychic tarot reading is a big snapshot of where you are now (the current issues and surrounding circumstances), where you’ve come from (past – recent past), where you want to be (goals – desires), and how to get there (choices – solutions).

Whilst Tarot can help you comprehend your current situation and suggest possible actions/solutions you may take and what the likely outcome would be should you follow the suggestions given by the tarot reading, it does not predict the future.

Each and every person alive has free will this is not something that can be harnessed. The future is not a fixed or unchangeable thing. Each one of us has our own agenda we make decisions and choices each day, from the smallest choice like what to eat to larger choices such as where to park, whom to talk to and so on. It is therefore free will which permits each and every person the ability to generate the future he or she wants.

So looking back to the original question what is a Tarot Reading and how can a tarot reading help me? A tarot reading from Amber will give you the insight you need so you are better prepared to make choices and decisions, which are in line with your best interests, growth and development.

As with many divination methods Tarot is not designed to give medical advice, if you feel something is medically wrong with you please consult a doctor, Tarot can be used as a compliment after proper professional advice has been taken.

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