What is the difference between an angel and spirit guide

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What is the “difference between an angel and spirit guide”

ANGEL QUOTE It is not uncommon for Guardian angels to be confused with “Spirit Guides,” and vice-versa, as they are easy to get confused. There are clear differences, however, mostly in respect to the nature of these different types of helpers from the spirit world.

This blog post is hopefully going to explain what the difference between an angel and spirit guide is:

A Spirit Guide

Your spirit guides are assistants. They’re there to help you in practical areas; they’re your helpers. A spirit guide is a loving being who at some stage lived upon the earth in human form they are pure souls – more spiritually evolved. These loving beings have devoted their own afterlife to helping others. In the afterlife this being is given special guidance training in how to be a spirit guide.

In the afterlife – spirit world the spirit guide will go through a guidance process which underlines that the spirit guide is not to intervene with your free nor is the guide allowed to make choices and decisions for you. Having been human your spirit guide can understand human emotions, in the spirit world the spirit guide will also frequently help the angels assisting you.

Your spirit guides are assistants that work for you doing what they can to put opportunities your way, in accordance with your actions, spiritual aims and purpose in this lifetime, your spirit guide will hope that you will recognise or take the opportunity or chance. You may recognise this as a gut feeling, or knowing, or have you ever opened a magazine or paper and it fall open on the optimal page, or perhaps a chance meeting or conversation answers your dilemma or question, these coincidences might well be your spirit guide trying to guide and assist you, but always without interfering with your own free will.

Each of us will have a number of spirit guides and with each spirit guide trying to guide and assist you for a different reason. As you mature through the different stages of your life and spiritual journey your spirit guides can alter depending on your needs and circumstance at that time. Your main guide/s will remain with you for the entirety of your like on the Earth and will never leave you.

Sometimes a spirit guide can be a deceased loved one, for example a parent, sibling, child, grandparent even a close friend, may enter your life as one of your guides, this guide is unique to you. Your spirit guide can offer wide-ranging advice, reassurance, cheer and encourage you. Your spirit guide can also offer warnings and protection. Sometimes you will attract teachers (guides) who come in because you are undergoing or studying or learning something that they’ve excelled in.

Guardian Spirit

Your guardian spirit could for example be someone passed over to the afterlife that once had a connection to you, for example a deceased family member, friend or ancestor who has taken an interest in you because of your relationship or connection to them. Your guardian spirit has a personal interest in your safety and well-being.

Sometimes your guardian spirit could for example be a person you were incarnate with in a different life time, this can happen typically if you were close in that lifetime and they have made the choice to help and assist you, this spirit guide may be with you throughout your entire lifetime or for a certain period of it.

It is also not uncommon to find for a beloved deceased pet/animal to attach itself to its beloved human as a guardian spirit.


Angels on the other hand are immortal celestial beings of light, unlike spirit guides Angels have never had a physical incarnation they have never been in the physical human form.

Angels are immortal celestial beings of light serving the Divine Force. If you have ever had the privilege of seeing and angel chances are you thought that the angel appeared to look either male or female, but in-fact Angels are genderless.

An angel will have many different ways in which to serve, some angels will work serving the Divine Force directly, while other angels will work more with human beings, an example of this being your guardian angel. Then there are the go-between angels these immortal celestial beings of light deliver messages or miracles, they are able to intervening on Divine orders.

Each of us has a guardian angel with no exceptions and many of us will have more than one. Your guardian angel is with you from birth and will remain with you until after death, guiding and protecting you when necessary. The love of your guardian angel is unconditional and bigger than anything on this earth.

Angels will respond to your calls for guidance, assistance, protection, and comfort. God’s thoughts of love create angels. Angels are here to help, especially if your goal is to bring joy and healing to the world.

You can seek the guidance and help of as many angels as you want. Ask for angels to protect you, your friends and your loved ones, your home, your pet you can even ask for protection for your business. Angels obtain great happiness when they are called to help, your call for help will never go unheard.

As angels are entirely immortal celestial beings of light, they have no time or space limitations and can simultaneously help countless different people irrespective of their geographical locations.

As with spirit guides the angel is not able to intervene with your free will unless you explicitly ask for their help. However there is an exception when an angel is able to step in and help despite free will this is if you find yourself in a life threatening situation which could ultimately lead to your death before your time.

There is no need for a formal ritual or any other kind of invitation to call an angel or archangel to your side, as long as your call is sincere. There is no need to visualize or say it out loud just the thought “Angel” is enough angels will appear in answer to your call, quite often before you’ve finished beckoning.

Ask your angel a question, call for guidance or assistance

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One thought on “What is the difference between an angel and spirit guide

  1. Angel says:

    Great explanation.I am yet to see or meet my spirit guide but I know he or she is there.

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