Learn about the ancient art of scrying

Although scrying is most commonly done with a crystal ball, it may also be performed using any smooth reflective surface, such as a bowl of liquid, mirror, or a crystal.

sphere The term Scrying means to perceive or to reveal. It is believed that Scrying dates back as far as 3000BC in China.

It is documented the Egyptians would use a vessel filled with oil to scry, a young boy would be called upon to gaze into the liquid while invoking their God to establish an acceptable answer for their question.

Notably the most famous person to have been thought of as a practitioner of the ancient art of scrying was Nostradamus (1555 – 66) the French Astrologer and Physician who is said to have likened the visions he received to a “burning mirror”. He went on to write about his findings in his book Centuries which was published around 1558 and contains many of his prophecies in rhyming verses.

Another practitioner of the ancient art of scrying was a gentleman named John Dee who was born in 1527 and went on to become an advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1. John Dee was very proficient in the practise of Alchemy and spirit communication. Supposedly instructed by “Angels” in the Enochian system of magic Dee made notes of his methods of Scrying and ceremonial rituals.

Learn about the ancient art of scrying

Tradition states that if water be used to scry this water should NOT be drawn from the tap but should be natural water collected from nature (rainwater is good), the ancient Greeks believed that nature spirits lived in natural water, therefore many modern day seers still follow this ancient tradition and use natural water.

Scrying through the use of a mirror has evolved from water scrying. All types of mirrors can be used for scrying, the size is not important.
It is believed that mirrors are linked to the moon and therefore should be backed with silver. Myself I prefer to use a round or oval mirror they seem to work better, as do black mirrors.

For the frame try and use a mirror that has a silver frame. Old mirrors also seem to work better than new mirrors.

However, I do find scrying through the use of a crystal ball to be my preferred method of scrying, this is often called crystallomancy.

For more information on scrying through the use of a crystal ball please visit my site at: http://www.online-tarot-readings-by-amber.info/scrying.html


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