Power totem animal Bald Eagle

Written by Amber

bald-eagle-digital-paintingIf your power totem animal is the Eagle you will probably have the feeling you have an attachment with creation and a readiness to experience extremes. It is probably also true to say that you will be alert and able to use your abilities well.

The power totem animal bald eagle could also be a challenging you to seek out your true emotions. This is the time for you to step forward and be the best you can be!

The Native American Indians saw the Eagle as a sign of strength, leadership and vision. In early Christianity the Eagle was seen as a symbol of hope representing salvation. The Eagle appears twice in the book of Revelation.

It was said Zeus changed himself into the form of the sacred Eagle to help himself control thunder and lightning.

The Pueblo Indians associated the sacred Eagle with the energies of the sun, physical as well as spiritual and saw the Eagle as a sign of greater sight and perception.

The eagle was seen as a sacred messenger, carrying our prayers on its wings to the Creator. Eagle feathers are used by medicine people and shamans they believe the feathers connect them with Spirit for healing. They are deemed the most sacred healing tools, a symbol of power, healing and wisdom.

In Native American culture the eagle was seen as a sacred messenger which delivered peace, fertility, swiftness, honour, freedom, creation, strength, illumination and courage, and to see the highest truth. It teaches power and balance, dignity and grace and respect for boundaries.

Consider the eagle for a minute its vision is eight times stronger than that of a human, enabling them to see their prey from miles away – are you watching what goes on around you? The eagle weighs less than a typical domestic cat, so its strength has nothing to do with its’ size or weight – you have much strength. Their feet and talons are stronger than a human hand, able to soar down with precision grabbing hold of their prey, mid-flight – recognise what it is that you want.

Their beak is connected to the jaw and is the strongest part of the body, meant for breaking and crushing. This sends the message to you to be wary and pay attention to what you say and remember that what you say can affect others! Uncontrolled talk makes it easy to hurt someone verbally, to break or crush them with your words. Therefore examine your speech and the tone you are using!

The eagle is incredibly patient and can remain in one position for a very long time- therefore consider that all things are possible when you are patient – “everything comes to those that wait!”

The power totem bald eagle reminds you that freedom is your birth right. He asks that you take a new view on the challenges in your life, and suggests that if solutions evade you it could be because your vision is too limited.

Step back and view the bigger picture, view the past objectively and ask yourself are you allowing this too limit your future? Face your fears, be confident that you can and will succeed.

If your power totem animal is the Eagle one of the lessons to be learned is to not depend exclusively on intellectual solutions.

During Shamanic travel the sacred Bald Eagle may escort you to the highest realms. Bald Eagle medicine is great at soul retrieval.

The Bald Eagle offers the gift of stamina and wants you to soar above your earthly confusions. Let this magnificent bird lift your spirits higher, you are being directed to listen to your gut instincts.

The power totem animal bald eagle is also linked with courage and asks that you give up your limited perspectives, the eagle asks that you let go of those comfortable, familiar thought patterns that don’t serve you well any longer, don’t just hold on to them because they are comfortable, or “just because”, the eagle says be brave and enter the realms of the unknown, challenge yourself!

Also know that your prayers have been heard.

Written by Amber



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