Spirit animal totem the lobster

Written by Amber

The lobsters symbol meanings deal with cycles, regeneration, and protection. These creatures are lunar symbols and are therefore considered as messengers of the sub-conscious and the Unknown. The lobster’s symbol meanings also mean discovery, rejuvenation, transformation and emotional growth.

Spirit animal totem the lobsterLet’s consider the Lobster, living predominantly in water it is governed by the element of water. So when we observe the symbolic lobster meanings we must also include water symbolisms like emotions, feelings, intuition, healing, cleansing and changeability. When you have the lobster as your totem spirit animal it is probably true to say that you are familiar with the crushing pain emotions can cause therefore call upon the lobster when you are feeling the pressures of emotions.

They live lives of seclusion, hiding themselves on the sea floor among the rocks and seaweed. Typically lobsters are scavengers, with the message to scavenge that which is of value to you in your life, recognise it and hold it dear. It also asks you to scour your own personal landscape physically for treasures that are waiting to be found!

The lobsters’ life span can be up to 50 years, lobsters grow continually throughout their entire life cycle.

The Lobster has a hard, spiny exo-skeleton, they grow in their shells, adding new layers and shedding old ones through a process called molting, they shed layers of their shells about eleven times before maturity. “Molting holds the general meaning of growth and cycles”. For a lobster to grow, they must shed their shells.

The shell therefore has symbolic lobster meanings rooted in the past. The layers of past experiences that have become overgrown and are no longer useful, the message to you is to move forward don’t get stuck in the past or with behaviours, thoughts, beliefs or ideals which are no longer suited. Shed your outer shell and go within the key to personal growth lies within your inner world.

The lobster is able to regrow lost claws and legs’ in-fact the lobster if felt threatened will even remove a claw or leg to leave behind as a distraction to a hungry predator, the message here is of regeneration and for you to let go! And not to let others define you, break free from restriction and pursue continued growth throughout your life.

Consider the lobster’s powerful claw for a minute, it represents a firm powerful hold – in other words what has a hold of you? What are your limitations? The spirit animal totem lobster asks that you identify these thoughts, behaviours and experiences.

Lobsters can swim backward instantly if threatened, which gives them the ability to get out of tricky situations. What this suggests is sometimes for progress (to move forward) you may need to move backwards! The symbolic lobster meanings her are the Lobster can warn against moving backward too quickly or often. You may have trouble trusting yourself or others. Don’t be ensnared by fear or self-doubt.

Similarly, the lobster comes to help you cast off those limitations – the spirit animal totem lobster shows you how you can release limitations from your being as a means of self-preservation and for lightening your emotional load.

When you have the lobster as your totem spirit animal it speaks of the need to PAY ATTENTION to your own instincts and gut feelings and not to rely so much on the opinions of the outer world.

If your spirit animal is the lobster you are being asked to use your intuition, hone in on your senses so you can look deeper into your situation, recognise what you must let go of or hold onto and understand that honesty and openness with help heal any difficulties.

You may find your answers lie in unorthodox solutions, pick through your options before you decide. If your spirit animal is the lobster you are asked to find a balance between vulnerable and well-defined. Know when to lead and when to be led.

Written by Amber


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