If your animal spirit guide is the squirrel

Written by Amber

There are two main types of squirrel the grey squirrel found predominantly in Towns and Cities and the red squirrel more commonly located in woods and forests. There is also the black squirrel which is quite rare and is typically an aggressive form of the common grey squirrel and the flying squirrel, which is nocturnal, and doesn’t doesn’t actually fly, it’s skin stretches enabling it to glide to the ground or from tree to tree.

If your animal spirit guide is the squirrelThe grey squirrel is the most commonly seen squirrel, they build their nest is the hollow of trees in the Winter months, then in the Spring they make a new nest farther out in the branches or on the tree tops, they don’t hibernate. If your animal spirit guide is the squirrel the message here is that during the winter months keep your activities close to home, and in the spring be more adventurous spread your activities further afield find new adventures farther away from your home.

The squirrel is quite a sociable little animal, their chatter can be heard in the trees, they play fight with each other and often mimic one another this is how they learn – therefore people with a squirrel power totem spirit animal are typically better at learning things through doing (tactile) rather than writing or studying.

If your animal spirit guide is the squirrel you are probably able to express yourself very well in social setting. The squirrel animal spirit guide therefore reminds you of the importance of communication and to respect those around you, rather than dishonour with impolite or unsuitable behaviour. The squirrel animal spirit guide also brings the message that in your quest for attainment of your goals it is important to make time for fun and to be social.

When the squirrel spirit guide appears in your life it could be a sign to take life a little less seriously and have more fun. The squirrel power totem animal brings the gift of determination, imagination, the ability to solve puzzles, storing, warning and resolve.

The gathering skills of the squirrel are tremendous, this teaches you balance are you giving and receiving in equal amounts? Therefore, if the squirrel is your power totem animal consider your actions this energetic little creature asks some questions of you: Are you being too conservative, to keen, have you enough in store, or maybe too much in store?

Squirrels rummage about for seeds and nuts to store for the winter months and bury them in holes in the ground. It’s not commonly known that the squirrel only actually finds 10% of the nuts he hides for safekeeping. Therefore the message here from the squirrel spirit guide is, are you adequately prepared for what lies ahead? Or are you being too overly cautious?

So what happens to all the nuts the squirrel fails to find? They seed and eventually a new tree will take root and grow, the message therefore is quite simply “sow as you wish to reap” be wise to what you are sowing here and now as it will sprout for you tomorrow!

If you have the squirrel as you spirit guide animal you are most likely resourceful and typically always find a way to manifest what it is that you need.

Having the squirrel as your animal totem reminds you in times when you feel you have reached a dead end, or you’re in a situation and you are ready to give up, perseverance and the readiness to try different methods are the keys to your success.

If the squirrel is your power totem animal then this little creature could be telling you it is time to lighten your load, are you taking on too much? Or there could be the need to shed unnecessary things – for example things that you have collected in the past and may be cluttering your life like broken gadgets, clutter, thoughts, worries, and stresses.

Remember if the tiny squirrel spirit animal guide has appeared for you that work and play should be balanced, or work can create issues which can the create problems or vice versa!

People with the squirrel totem animal can often be a bit erratic and try to do too many things at once, this animal totem spirit guide reminds you to listen to your inner voice more and focus on one thing at a time.

This animal totem spirit guide reminds us of the solar symbolisms the sun loving squirrel -Passion, energy, liveliness and communication
This animal totem spirit guide teaches you how to manage your resources it asks that you find a natural way to increase your abilities and to find new developing talents.

The squirrel power totem animal will infuse you with the spirit of the seasons, helping you to enjoy each one, providing amply for you and your loved ones no matter what life brings!

Squirrel medicine teaches to reserve something for later whether it is a judgement, opinion, savings, extra food, energy etc, in other words be prepared! In today’s hectic World it is the wise person that considers putting by for tomorrow squirrel medicine teaches this, love yourself enough to be ready for harder times even if they never come – Honour your future! But don’t get hung up on this or you will waste a lot of time waiting for tomorrow and forget to live today!

Having the squirrel as your animal totem reminds you to be flexible and not to avoid changes that need making. Remember also that there is time for everything in life when you are organised, squirrels bring the message not to give up and to avoid becoming too stressed out, so slow down, pay attention and stop trying to run in too many directions all at once.

Written by Amber


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