Swan power totem animal

Written By Amber

The Swan is one of the greatest and most powerful of the power animals. The swan was blessed to Venus, the love goddess in Roman mythology. If the swan is your animal totem guide you are probably emotionally sensitive, and empathic towards the feelings of others.

Swan power totem animalIf the swan is your animal totem guide you are being presented with the message to start paying notice to the instincts you have been having. Act on the hunches you get, if you have been opposed to your own transformation, Swan is telling you to relax and just go with the flow, let your inner wisdom guide and let it happen.

The swan is one of the Native American totems. Sister Swan gives a message of Grace and teaches us to yield to the rhythm of the universe and to slip away from our physical bodies to enter the Dreamtime.

According to Celtic tradition the swan is linked with solar associations and healing waters. As a solar animal the white swan symbolizes the awakening of a new day as well as the departure of an old day with the setting sun, whereas the Australian Black Swan is a nocturnal symbol.

The swan is also associated with movement, music, love, purity and the soul. The Celtic goddess Bridgid is also linked to the swan as her grace is articulated with equal elegance in the form of writing poetry and song.

The swan according to Celtic tradition is a shape-shifter meaning it may take on human form and has mastered the elements of water, earth and air. Celtic myth states that when those in the other-world required passage to the physical world they would take the form of a swan and travel in pairs, which supports the idea of union and partnerships.

Among Druids, the Swan represents the soul, and is associated with the Festival of Samhain. The swan aids us in traveling to the Otherworld.
According to the Irish tale about the Children of Lir, the children were turned into swans and is says that they sang so sweetly that all who heard them were put at ease and slept peacefully. This along with other Celtic legends of the humans shape shifting into swans highlights the deepest meaning of Swan medicine.

The Celts observed the migratory patterns and consequently this urged them to consider changes of mood (water) and heart (love). This means having the ability to reach out and help those in spiritual difficulties by showing them how to accept their lot with grace.

In England the swan is a symbol of loyalty and strength, it is also a Royal bird and as such in the UK it illegal to kill this bird.

Socrates wrote that the Swan sung its most beautiful song, just before it died, leaving us with the phrase “Swan Song.”

If you consider the swan for a minute they are very closely connected to water, living and nesting close to the waters’ edge. Water is symbolic of: Intuition, emotions, creativity, dreaming and flexibility. The message here is to consider your dreamier depth and emotions. Swan medicine is connected to the elements Earth, Air and Water, and is a brilliant influence to the therapeutic functions of these elements.

Swan medicine includes understanding dream symbols, seeing into the future, understanding spiritual, intuition, divination, evolution and how to deal with others.

With its long neck the swan is thought to act as a bridge between the worlds, making it a prophetic bird. This bridge holds the wisdom for spiritual realisation.

If you have the swan as your totem spirit animal guide allow it to show you how to be sure of the beauty of your being as you work in the physical and spiritual planes. You may well find that you are encouraged and grateful for your physical body and your intuitive mind.

If you have the swan as your totem spirit animal guide then it is possible that you are going to be shown new ways of thinking, breathing and going with the flow of life. You are being asked to accept your intuitive ability of knowing what lies ahead, start to pay attention to your hunches and gut instincts.

The Swan’s wisdom Includes awakening the power of self, balance, grace, inner beauty, innocence and self-esteem.

Swans typically mate for their entire life time. They are devoted partners, unlike many humans that often make commitments they can’t keep.

Honouring our commitments increase personal integrity. The message of the swan power animal teaches that blessings that can be found within your relationships. If the swan animal totem shows up for you it can also mean you have met or are going to meet your soul-mate.

If you have the swan as your totem spirit animal guide chances are you are quite family orientated, and are known to self-sacrifice for the sake of your children. It’s only through growth and experience that people with the swan animal totem realise just how strong they really are.

Swans fly in a V formation high up in the sky when they migrate, their wings beat at a slow but steady pace they cover a lot of ground very quickly this ensures that they reach their destination without tiring. If you have the swan as your totem spirit animal guide same ability and should apply the swans movements when pursuing something (slow, steady endurance).

The swan power animal is a brilliant totem for children, those connected to the Fairy Realm, poets, bards, mystics, and dreamers. The swan is also linked with artistic ability.

No doubt you will have heard the story of the ugly duckling, about a seemingly ugly little duckling that is rejected and labelled a misfit, by his fellow ducklings. The story then sees how this ugly duckling grows into the most elegant of birds, the swan. The message here is that of inner beauty and how first appearances can be deceptive. Therefore the swan power animal teaches that we all have inner grace and beauty, and this teaches us self-esteem.

This story also encourages us to have faith and have a determined heart while chasing the gifts that are our birth right. The power of the Swan lies in accepting the gift of change. As the Swan surrenders to the higher plan of the Great Spirit, it changes from the “ugly duckling” in to a graceful Swan. The Swan power totem animal teaches to bring consciousness into balance with all levels of being and develop ones intuition.

If the swan is your animal totem guide you must become aware of your own true beauty, this allows you to bridge new realms and new powers. The swan animal totem also implies in some instances that things are not as they appear outwardly and therefore asks that you look beyond the obvious!

The swan power totem animal also indicates feminine intuition and emotion and teaches how to learn to view your emotions without becoming trapped by them.

Written By Amber


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