Power totem animal guide tiger

Written by Amber

Some keywords for you: Power, devotion, tact, skill, will power, adventure, passion, courage, sensitivity, devotion, endurance, energy, nobility, strength, creativity, healing, confidence, dark-side and sensuality.

Power totem animal guide tiger In the field of animal symbolism, the tiger is associated with both positive and negative meanings.

In China it is said that the Tiger has the ‘mark of Wang’ or King pattern on their foreheads or their fur. The mark is one vertical line with three horizontal ones passing through it. It is because of this mark that the Tiger is one of the 12 signs of Chinese astrology.

In China, there are 5 mystic tigers:

The black tiger is the symbol of the north, winter and water.

The blue tiger is east, spring and vegetation.

The red tiger is the south, summer and fire.

The white tiger is west, autumn and all metals.

The yellow tiger is ruler of the Earth and its energies

Tigers are linked with water and are thought to possess all the traits of this element like healing, power through gentle flow and feminine energies.

Tigers colouring of orange/gold symbolizes vitality and regeneration. If tiger is your power totem animal, chances are that you tend to heal quite quickly.

For the Tiger, this contrasting of patterns and colours suggests the Yin/Yang principle. Yin/Yang is the concept that all things in life are balanced via opposites and these opposites are equal halves of the whole. Female/Male, white/black, light/dark, are all examples of this polarity that is the basic foundation of this concept. Therefore, when looking at the Power totem animal guide tiger and its coat of mixed patterns and colours, it becomes evident that the tiger possesses the balance of energies that we understand best as Yin/Yang.

Therefore the challenge to the person with the power totem animal guide tiger is that of balance, to understand duality – how two halves aren’t a contradiction but are part of the whole – for example light/dark and love/hate, it is possible to hold bother emotions within you at the same time.

Sometimes it’s not possible to know true love until you have felt the pain of loss and rejection, painful lessons are a chance to grow and learn.
Tiger’s medicine also includes – willpower in the face of adversity, acting in a timely manner – being in the now, acting without analysis, walker of secret paths and ancient ways

It is believed that the tiger is associated to the moon, due to contrast of orange fur with a black, reflecting polarities of light and dark which is symbolic of the two complete phases of the New Moon and Full Moon. The Tiger represents darkness and the new Moon. It also suggests certain duality in nature when there is such a significant contrast in colours it can often indicate a duplicity of meaning and/or purpose.

If tiger is your power totem animal the chances are you will have an excellent sense of timing as you are in close sync with the Full moon and New moon. During this three day cycle you may feel the need to complete projects or begin new ones. Typically animals that are associated with the moon are thought to possess the attributes of enchantment, summoning and assisting those souls that are transitioning to Spirit.

The moon represents all that is past, emotions and that which is hidden – intuition, past life memories, inner knowing and the subconscious mind – that which the physical eye can’t see!

If tiger is your power totem animal it could mean new adventures are almost certainly close by. New passion and power will stir inside of you. Or that your best work will happen in the night. People with power totem spirit guide tiger are also very sensual and passionate. Tiger’s medicine also includes – sensitivity to touch.

People with power totem animal guide tiger typically make good energy workers and are able to create for themselves a sacred space where others cannot enter where they can spend time alone to collect the energy required to move tirelessly throughout life.

The two sexes only come together during the mating season. The Tiger in the wild will only have a litter of cubs (kittens) once in every 3 to 4 years and her litter will vary anywhere from a single birth to six offspring. The cubs stay with their mothers for approximately two years, partly because they are born blind, the female will teach her cubs to hunt and become self-sufficient. To counterbalance their lack of vision in this early stage the tiger cub has good inner sight. For those with the tiger’s medicine, this is symbolic as children who are born into this medicine are natural clairvoyants and prophets.

Tigers are independent and confident animals, as well as solitary, silent hunters. Therefore tigers are able to combine all of their abilities in order to attain success. The tiger spirit animals’ message to you here is to clear the mind of distractions and be focused on the present.

The Siberian Tiger is the largest of all the big cats with their bodies growing up to twelve feet long and their tails adding another three feet to their overall length. The Tigers large paws with huge claws that are used for clutching its’ prey or releasing a lethal blow to an enemy. Such impressive power is surrounded by a rippling muscle that is intended to guarantee the tigers ranking at the top of their food chain. Typically other animals are fearful of the tiger and will make a noise to alert other animals nearby. The tiger spirit animals’ message to you here is avoid drawing attention to yourself at this time, or you may find you meet a lot of resistance or criticism from those around you.

Tigers are great predators in nature, and in the animal spirit world the tiger may appear to you when you are feeling threatened by external circumstances or your own feelings. The power totem animal guide tiger is both a sign of a potential threat and a call for courage to face it.

Tigers walk on their toes with the back part of the foot raised, when stalking their prey and can travel a great distance is search of food when they need to, but while tigers can travel great distances they often spend upwards of 80% of their time resting and conserving their energy. A tiger only makes a few leaps at a prey before giving up. The tiger spirit animals’ message to you here is don’t over exert yourself or waste energy chasing a solution when it has clearly escaped your grasp. Just relax, reposition yourself, and try something different.

The tiger must rely solely on itself therefore the message of the tiger totem spirit animal guide to you is perseverance and determination, even the most experienced and healthy tiger will only catch their prey in one out of twenty attempts.

Therefore the message of the tiger totem spirit animal guide to you is that you may go pear shaped a few times before you get it right, or finish that problematic project. The essential thing is to be patient, use tried and trusted methods, repeat them if necessary, don’t get annoyed – get determined.

On the other hand power totem animal guide tiger could be may be letting you know that you need to do some careful planning and manoeuvring to get what you desire. If the task is disagreeable he is reminding you that you have the strength and willpower to complete the task. Don’t waste your energy with guilty procrastination. Tackle the task at hand.

The spirit tiger animal totem invokes silent, solitary, power. Therefore the message of the tiger totem spirit animal guide to you teaches you to nurture your inner strength and confidence, to stay focused on life passions, to be persistent, and work hard to achieve your goals.

The paws of this spirit animal are very sensitive and cannot cope with hot surfaces or rough ground without being burnt or torn, the message of the totem spirit guide tiger to you is to pay special attention and care to your hands and feet.
Tigers are night stalkers/hunters teachings focus, patience and surprise. If an opportunity presents itself, this power totem animal guide tiger will waste no time in pouncing on it. They carefully stalk prey, circle in as closely as possible, their focus becomes sharp, no sound or movement will distract them, and then suddenly they charge their prey from behind. Therefore the message of the power totem animal guide tiger is to strategize and position your-self before moving forward.

Therefore the message of the power totem animal guide tiger is if you feel that you’re wasting your energy or you are in a rut, do as the tiger does. Find a choice place with the right conditions, wait patiently for an opportunity, and then go for it!

For people with power totem animal guide tiger this can represent how simple casual movements can be tuned in an instance into a powerful thrust of energy as if leaping claws out onto their prey. Characteristically, people with power totem animal guide tiger tend have an amazing store of energy that is held in reserve for times when it is genuinely needed, yet when circumstances warrant the release of this power they can tackle a problem, crisis or challenge with a decisive force that can only be likened to a Tiger’s leap.

Therefore the message of the power totem animal guide tiger is that of strength. This could possibly be referring to a recent event or situation that provoked you to show courage and determination or the ability to overcome obstacles. The tiger totem spirit animal could point to an impulsive decision that has been made either by you or someone connected to you, or where people were reluctant to co-operate.

Sometimes the tiger animal totem appears to you as a sign of any aggression that you may be experiencing and could be pointing to a feeling of aggression directed at you or how aggressive you may feel towards someone else.

Many people with tiger as their spirit totem animal can be loud, boisterous and make others nervous around them!

You may notice people with tiger as their spirit totem animal will display the characteristics of strength and confidence, they can blend in or camouflage themselves easily in social situations and their distinct personality can draw others to them.

Sometimes the tiger animal totem appears to you it is a good idea to look at what’s happening in your life that may seem dangerous or threatening to you. Also keep an eye on likely causes of fear, anger or deep frustration that seem to be escaping your conscious control.

The power totem tiger spirit guide animal may represent the unpredictability in events or circumstances in your life. Is it that unexpected events have disturbed your plans? Or maybe things have been moving so fast that you are experiencing a hard time finding the best plan of action.

The message of the power totem animal guide tiger could perhaps be the unpredictable nature of feelings and emotions in you or other people, especially if they are “big” feelings associated with anger or fear, and can be a message to tune in and listen to your inner voice, as this can help you learn when to leap and when to be still.

Seeing the power totem tiger spirit guide animal can also mean you’re overcoming fears and discovering how to deal with intense emotions that once felt threatening, but are becoming more and more manageable.

The power totem tiger spirit guide animal may represent extremes in nature, feelings, and temperament, people with power totem animal guide tiger can often be individuals that run hot or cold, full of passion or completely detached, there are very few periods of lukewarm for the people with power totem animal guide tiger.

People with power totem animal guide tiger are often depicted as being sensual, having great passion and independent. Therefore in times of confusions pay attention to your how are feeling about experiences concerning your sexuality. For instance, look if there’s a situation with an emotional and sensual tension that you are uneasy about; or observe if whether your desires or sexual appetite is going out of control.

People with power totem animal guide tiger are typically happier alone, or in silence, this can mean that loud, offensive, or crowded places can cause anxiety for them, unless they have entered these spaces with a specific purpose.

Many People with this spirit animal totem can be withdrawn in social situations, preferring to just blend in. As stated above, many people with this spirit animal totem can be drawn to the tiger spirit, but this can lead to a lot of potential hangers on/scavengers that will be drawn to them!

Finally, people with power totem animal guide tiger are sometimes classed as opportunist, meaning they will alter their actions, or plans, in order to gain advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Written by Amber


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