Tarot card layouts and meanings

Using the tarot can HELP you to gain understanding and awareness into your life and situation. However a good tarot reading has advantages and limitations, it can help give clear insight but it can’t make decisions or solve problems for you.

Imagine a good tarot reading is like a snap shot of your life, how it has evolved and grown – what has happened is happening and could possibly happen – the external and internal influences.

The psychic tarot reader uses the tarot cards as a tool they tune into you energy and give you an idea of unseen influences, patterns of behaviour, obstacles, and strengths.

By using different tarot card layouts the psychic tarot reader uses the tarot cards as a tool to dig into a situation for you.

Tarot card layouts and meanings will depend on where the cards land.

The psychic tarot reader and tarot will not make decisions for you, only you can alter or change your own fate this is called free will.

Nevertheless the Tarot can suggest what actions may be taken and a possible outcome if you take them, it does not predict a clear-cut future, as said above each of us has free will and that includes those around you.

For example: Various tarot layouts and meanings…

Love spreads:


Card 2 – Represents your partner

Card 3 – Represents a possible outcome/solution


Fate or choices spread                                                                                                                                

choices tarot spread 1. The root/cause of the problem
2. The immediate past
3. The present situation/NOW
4. The immediate Future YOUR Choices
5. The first Choice
6. The second Choice
7. The outcome/impact of the FIRST choice on your life
8. The outcome/impact of the SECOND Choice on your Life


The Horseshoe spread

horseshoe Card 1: Your present position, THIS IS THE HERE AND NOW as a culmination of all that has led you to this point.
Card 2: Your present expectations, what you believe to be in your present or future, your current outlook.
Card 3: The unexpected, that which is hidden from you, under the surface influences which could come to pass.
Card 4: Your immediate future,WHAT’S UP AHEAD people, ideas or circumstances.
Card 5: Your POSSIBLE long-term future.


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By Amber


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