Power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe


By Amber


giraffe1To understand this power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe it is best to look at the Giraffe, its behaviours and habitat and then we can easily begin to piece together a symbolic description of the giraffe’s deeper meaning.

The giraffe will typically grow to around 18 feet tall and have a neck as long as 7 feet in some instances. This is by far its most telling physical feature and symbolically asks us about “Sticking our necks out” in terms of building connections for example within family, community, business, creative endeavours, etc.

The Giraffes neck (in males, especially) is a form of social status within the herd. The longer, stronger, thicker the neck – the more attractive, and better-established the giraffe is. Therefore this tells us symbolically that the neck important not only for digesting but also as a means of communicating verbally.

Their long necks offer protection by allowing it to see very far into the distance, the message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is to elongate your vision and to stretch yourself.

If the giraffe is your power spirit guide totem, you are more likely to be a natural visionary and may have the flair for seeing future fads, you may even have the ability to see into the future or have the knack to notice the ‘bigger picture’.

Many people with the power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe will have some Clairvoyant abilities. People with the power totem Giraffe need to be careful of the words they use or don’t use as well as watching out for how other peoples’ words can affect them.

The Giraffes legs are firmly planted on the earth, but their heads are in the sky, serving as a link between the higher and lower worlds.

The long neck of the Giraffe allows it to see all around it easily which is symbolic of knowing all past – present and future, the Giraffe power animal teaches you to increase your perception by viewing from all angles. The power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe can bring clear sighted vision to you.

Have you noticed how long a Giraffes eye lashes are? These are symbolic of protection. Those long lashes effectively keep out debris, the message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is an assurance that your vision is protected by the wisdom of Nature, and that you have the ability to recognise the right meaning of your vision.

Even though the Giraffe may appear to lack grace due to their long limbs they are in fact only vulnerable when bending down to drink water. Therefore when the power totem Giraffe visits you it is often an indication to pull out all the stops when faced with challenges while keeping balance and grace. It is also a reminder not to lose sight of your greater vision and consciousness, so as not to sink into a humdrum way of life.

Giraffe’s are relatively gentle creatures and tend to be laid back, docile animals making little noise except for the odd bleat – unless provoked or during mating, this is also shown in the person who has the giraffe as their totem. If this is your power animal then the Giraffe brings you the wisdom, and power, of silence.

Giraffes communicate through body language therefore learning to balance speech with silence, peace and tranquillity is very important. The message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is that you may benefit from some type of movement classes, such as Yoga or Pilates.

The giraffes tongue can in some cases be as long as 20 inches and therefore speaks to us about communication and urges you to make your words count, therefore be clever with your words and challenge yourself to expand you vocabulary. The message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is to place strength in your own ability to communicate both with your voice it encourages you to be effective with your words so that your words and their meanings will be far-reaching and make a difference.

The Giraffe has three horns with the third horn right between and just above the eyes. This is symbolic of the “third eye” which talks about intuition, perception and heightened sensory awareness.

The power totem Giraffe can offer higher ground for your vision, and provide intuitive insight when you are feeling blinded by life’s distractions. The message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is to analyse your situation, be patient and make sure you are on firm ground before making any decisions

Did you know giraffe’s require very little sleep? Roughly about 2-4 hours a day, to sleep the Giraffe kneels down wrapping their head and neck around the body.  Many ancient cultures therefore likened the Giraffe’s sleeping posture to that of yoga.

It is therefore said that the Giraffe animal spirit totem people tend to have an even steady ongoing stream of energy and are typically consistent. Some see giraffe people as an inspiration for their seemingly ceaseless stores of energy. It is therefore said that the Giraffe animal spirit totem can help you to see your life in a way that is both grounded and unrestrained.

If the giraffe is your power spirit guide totem then just like giraffe you will have very strong bonds with family and friends, especially parent and children.

By Amber





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