The ant as your power totem animal

Team Work Oneness and Patience
The ant as your power totem animal,power totem animalAnts are very industrious. There are ants that are solitary but most are part of a large community. Within the community there is a wide variety of activities and behaviours, with each ant knowing its place and fulfilling its duties with total loyalty to the whole.
Your message is to consider that all good things come with time, and effort. Work with diligence, with determination, and work with others co-operation and team work will help to create your dreams and turn them into reality.
The ant symbolism represents community and how you need to work with others and establish camaraderie to have a peaceful coexistence. The ant meaning is all about discipline, planning, order, teamwork, and self-sacrifice.
An ant is able to carry a leaf, a crumb or a dead ant for miles – just to get back home to the anthill, requiring a load of stamina and patience. Despite its tiny size the ant is immensely strong, therefore your ant power totem animal is reminding you that you have strength of will and can overcome many obstacles.
Alternatively it may be time to consider your own role, concentrate on your specialties and make sure you are making the most of your natural gifts. However, remain aware that nothing can be accomplished without the unity of the whole. Think about how your own contributions in your career, your family, and day to day life fit into the larger picture. No matter how small your task, or your contribution, it is still essential.
If the ant has come as your animal power totem messenger maybe this is because you are hardworking, good at team work, working to help the community, or that you are patient and take the time needed to achieve your goals.
An ant animal power totem messenger teaches you to have patience in all you do. Those who have the ant may find that many of their life lessons will involve the mastery of patience in some way.
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