Octopus Power Totem Animal

There is always a veil of mystery and secret around these unusual animals inhabiting depths of seas and oceans, it may therefore imply things happening under the surface – in your emotions and/or subconscious.

Octopus Power Totem Animal,Having an octopus as your spirit animal guide,The totem symbol of the octopusThe octopus spirit animal guide is also known to be symbolic of a keen spiritual psyche and inspires others to channel theirs.

As the octopus dwells close to the sea floor, you too must remain grounded. The message being that – living in an environment where everything is in motion around you just like the waters in an ocean; you should not allow yourself to get carried away (ungrounded). You may need to spend time meditating or have solid down time so that you can rid yourself of any negative energy that you may have picked up during the day. The octopus power totem animal makes you keep your cool and remain fully aware of the circumstances surrounding you.

Octopus is an intelligent and flexible animal, with many naturally impressive characteristics. Perhaps one of the most remarkable is its ability to change the colour of its skin, this can happen instantly and is thought to reflect the Octopus’s mood and emotions. The totem symbol of the octopus therefore asks you to use your knowledge as camouflage to do the same disappearing act.

The totem symbol of the octopus can also imply fitting in, blending in, or adjusting yourself to a new situation. This colour changing ability is also a defence mechanism allowing it to avoid conflict. When this fails, and the octopus is seen, it reacts quickly and ejects a cloud of black ink which confuses its enemies. The ultimate message of the power animal octopus is that it is not time to attack your enemies head-on, but rather, to use deceptive tactics.

It is a magical sea creature often feared, admired, and unseen. This master of disguise and sea legend has a message for us about how we live our lives and the mysteries it holds.

Octopuses are referred to in many coastal beliefs and have a great significance to those who spend most of their lives traveling across unpredictable waters.

The octopus has eight tentacles (arms or legs), beginning at the centre of its body, the octopus spirit animal guide brings the message of some hidden, strong and manipulative force you are not aware of.

It often symbolizes some organization that ‘pulls the strings’ and rule over people’s lives. It is interpreted as a negative concept of hidden power.

Octopus as a totem animal can represent:
• Flexibility
• Willpower
• Focus on goals
• Magic and mystery
• Shapeshifting
• Highly developed vision
• Deep emotions
• Connection between mental and emotional faculties
• Slyness, or other means other than brute force
• Unpredictability of attack
• Regeneration and evolution

Some of the spiritual traits associated with the octopus power totem animal are focus, intellect, talent, and complexity.

Having an octopus as your spirit animal guide gives you the in-built ability to protect and defend yourself in the face of all difficulties.

Octopus’s do not have spines, which means they are flexible and can get themselves out of very tight spots. Octopus as a totem animal can therefore represent flexibility teaching you to be flexible enough to get out of tricky situations, and to move away smoothly without disturbing others.

Octopus’s can deliberately detach a part of their body when under attack from a predator, leaving that part behind as a distraction allowing it to escape. This part is regenerated to make the body a whole again. The totem of the octopus therefore reminds you that any emotional parts of your life which you discard can actually help you change your mental outlook. It also reminds you to use your intelligence and reasoning abilities to find out the best possible solution to all kinds of problems.

Furthermore this serves as a reminder to cut excess baggage loose. Maybe there is a person in your life that brings you down, but you are too kind or too nervous to send them off.

This also applies to situations and tasks, too, if something is worrying you and not helping you achieve your goals, you must have the strength and will power to let it go. This can be a scary process, especially if you are releasing something that has previously been fundamental to your life.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the power totem octopus

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