Past life analysis tarot reading

Consider the bigger picture, and how things lock into a big puzzle and recognise that there is a reason for everything.

Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience it will come to light.

Do you occasionally question where a particular liking, fear, habit or strange behaviour originates from?

Or have you ever felt deja vu in a situation or in a particular place?

Are there periods in history that you feel drawn to or have enjoyed studying more?

These could be instances of a past life being brought forwards into this life time.

Past life analysis regression is the experience of going back into your past lives, it unlocks doors in your own mind that allow you a glimpse of where your soul has travelled to before and what experiences it has had.

There are numerous probable explanations of what past life experiences really are, and to be frank it really doesn’t matter what you feel is the likely explanation, because it still doesn’t detract from the usefulness of past life regression to answer some of your present day questions.


Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, a past life reading can still help to heal and can show you why certain things happen or why you have certain behaviours / patterns in your life.

A past life analysis tarot reading with Amber is a snapshot of the most relevant past life and how this is affecting the present day, and will reveal any brought forward Karma.

Some people are just intrigued to know who and what they were in a past life and seek a reading to find out this information. On many occasions a past life reading can help you to understand many of the traits that run through your life and how some strong or uncomfortable feelings can continue through many lifetimes until resolved.

A past life analysis tarot reading offers a chance to gather information that can show why certain characteristics are present in you, as well as giving clarification on how your past lives encounters / situations have impacted on the present.

It may also be able to give you an insight into certain relationships you have in this life time.
Learning about past life encounters / trials and happiness can help you in this life time to find coping mechanisms.

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