Power totem animal spirit guide the Phoenix

Written by Amber


phoenixSome of the keywords for this power animal are: Rebirth, re-generation, renewal, longevity, creativity, magic, purity, time, clarity, protection and transformation

The Phoenix is a bird like creature that lives for 1000 years and then once that time is over it builds its funeral pyre and throws itself into the flames and as it dies it is reborn and rises from the ashes for another 1000 years.

The message of the phoenix animal power totem for you therefore is that of change and would be typically telling you of some significant change coming up or a fresh perspective even life changing transformation that is ahead for you.

The phoenix has many different meanings within different cultures, but whichever culture you are looking at there will be common meanings for this power animal the phoenix.

In Rome, the phoenix was a symbol of the ever-lasing continuance of the Roman Empire they even featured the phoenix on Roman coins as a reminder of the unconquerable strength of the Empire. But this was not to be as the Empire did not last forever but the legend of the Phoenix did.

In Arabia the phoenix is known as the King of birds and is normally shown as a large bird with the head resembling an eagle and a body resembling a pheasant with the tail plumage of a peacock. The word Phoenix comes for the Greek word phoenix meaning ‘purple-red’ which refers to the colours of the birds feathers.

The message of the phoenix animal power totem for you therefore that your life will be brighter and more colourful. Things may appear clearer, crisper and fresher for you. The power totem animal spirit guide the Phoenix is also in this instance showing you that you will become more aware of the cycles of life.

In Egypt, the phoenix was called Bennu and is thought to be connected with the sun and the Nile, Bennu, which was part heron, and part falcon. They believed that Bennu was in control of the sun each day and flew it in its beak, pulling it from its sleeping place at dawn, and putting it to rest at sunset. This they saw as symbolic of the daily death and birth of the sun.

The Phoenix totem animal spirit guide may be visiting you to prompt you to go on your own quest, which may mean making some personal sacrifice but will invariable lead to fortunate and beneficial change.

The Phoenix totem animal spirit guide typically brings the message of wisdom and the hope that comes with a new day or a fresh start. The message of the phoenix totem animal spirit guide for you therefore is that of optimism, enthusiasm and confidence in what lies ahead of you.


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Written by Amber