Power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe


By Amber


giraffe1To understand this power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe it is best to look at the Giraffe, its behaviours and habitat and then we can easily begin to piece together a symbolic description of the giraffe’s deeper meaning.

The giraffe will typically grow to around 18 feet tall and have a neck as long as 7 feet in some instances. This is by far its most telling physical feature and symbolically asks us about “Sticking our necks out” in terms of building connections for example within family, community, business, creative endeavours, etc.

The Giraffes neck (in males, especially) is a form of social status within the herd. The longer, stronger, thicker the neck – the more attractive, and better-established the giraffe is. Therefore this tells us symbolically that the neck important not only for digesting but also as a means of communicating verbally.

Their long necks offer protection by allowing it to see very far into the distance, the message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is to elongate your vision and to stretch yourself.

If the giraffe is your power spirit guide totem, you are more likely to be a natural visionary and may have the flair for seeing future fads, you may even have the ability to see into the future or have the knack to notice the ‘bigger picture’.

Many people with the power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe will have some Clairvoyant abilities. People with the power totem Giraffe need to be careful of the words they use or don’t use as well as watching out for how other peoples’ words can affect them.

The Giraffes legs are firmly planted on the earth, but their heads are in the sky, serving as a link between the higher and lower worlds.

The long neck of the Giraffe allows it to see all around it easily which is symbolic of knowing all past – present and future, the Giraffe power animal teaches you to increase your perception by viewing from all angles. The power totem spirit guide animal Giraffe can bring clear sighted vision to you.

Have you noticed how long a Giraffes eye lashes are? These are symbolic of protection. Those long lashes effectively keep out debris, the message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is an assurance that your vision is protected by the wisdom of Nature, and that you have the ability to recognise the right meaning of your vision.

Even though the Giraffe may appear to lack grace due to their long limbs they are in fact only vulnerable when bending down to drink water. Therefore when the power totem Giraffe visits you it is often an indication to pull out all the stops when faced with challenges while keeping balance and grace. It is also a reminder not to lose sight of your greater vision and consciousness, so as not to sink into a humdrum way of life.

Giraffe’s are relatively gentle creatures and tend to be laid back, docile animals making little noise except for the odd bleat – unless provoked or during mating, this is also shown in the person who has the giraffe as their totem. If this is your power animal then the Giraffe brings you the wisdom, and power, of silence.

Giraffes communicate through body language therefore learning to balance speech with silence, peace and tranquillity is very important. The message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is that you may benefit from some type of movement classes, such as Yoga or Pilates.

The giraffes tongue can in some cases be as long as 20 inches and therefore speaks to us about communication and urges you to make your words count, therefore be clever with your words and challenge yourself to expand you vocabulary. The message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is to place strength in your own ability to communicate both with your voice it encourages you to be effective with your words so that your words and their meanings will be far-reaching and make a difference.

The Giraffe has three horns with the third horn right between and just above the eyes. This is symbolic of the “third eye” which talks about intuition, perception and heightened sensory awareness.

The power totem Giraffe can offer higher ground for your vision, and provide intuitive insight when you are feeling blinded by life’s distractions. The message therefore this power totem Giraffe gives you is to analyse your situation, be patient and make sure you are on firm ground before making any decisions

Did you know giraffe’s require very little sleep? Roughly about 2-4 hours a day, to sleep the Giraffe kneels down wrapping their head and neck around the body.  Many ancient cultures therefore likened the Giraffe’s sleeping posture to that of yoga.

It is therefore said that the Giraffe animal spirit totem people tend to have an even steady ongoing stream of energy and are typically consistent. Some see giraffe people as an inspiration for their seemingly ceaseless stores of energy. It is therefore said that the Giraffe animal spirit totem can help you to see your life in a way that is both grounded and unrestrained.

If the giraffe is your power spirit guide totem then just like giraffe you will have very strong bonds with family and friends, especially parent and children.

By Amber





Power Totem Spirit Animal Beetle

Written by Amber


beetleThe Beetle is a peaceful insect – some beetles are thought of as good omens while others arent this is decided by studying the Beetles behaviours and what occurs after you have seen one.

Some Beetles are sometimes seen as messengers about the weather! In Africa, women of the Baronga tribe throw beetles into a lake as part of a rain-making ceremony.

All over Europe the general belief is that the Beetle can attract storms, and is therefore thought unlucky this thought train is probably there due to the beetle’s tendency to devour the entire bean crop.

In Germany, the stag beetle was thought symbolic of thunder since it was often found on the oak tree, which is the tree most often struck during a storm.

Beetles are connected to Transformation, metamorphosis, resurrection, innocence of purpose and re-birth – the re-birth of the soul to a new spiritual ideal and renewed devotion. Often the Beetle power animal’s message to you is seen as a sign that you are on the right track in the pursuit of your goals.

The ancient Egyptians considered the beetle, or scarab, as representative of the sun and of eternal life. Consequently the Beetle can be found decoratively on rings, amulets, and talismans.

They believed also that if a death-watch beetle produced a clicking noise while calling their mates, this was an omen of a death within a family was to follow.

According to Scottish superstition if a Beetle enters a room where a family is sitting they will have misfortune if the Beetle is then killed the misfortune is thought to be even greater!

In Ireland, the devil’s coach-horse beetle is said to place a curse on you when it raises its tail.

During the nineteenth century, in East Anglia, whooping cough was said to be cured by suspending a beetle around a child’s neck!

The power totem spirit animal beetle teaches harmony during upcoming changes by encouraging you to utilizing your intuitive abilities.

The Rhinoceros Beetle is capable of lifting something 850 times their own weight. To put this into proportion, if a human had the strength of the rhinoceros beetle it would be able to lift a 65 ton object. And a dung beetle is not only the world’s strongest insect but also the strongest animal on the planet compared to body weight. They can pull 1,141 times their own body weight. Therefore Often the Beetle power animal’s message to you is seen as a sign of strength is this needed right now or are you holding on to too much power right now.

Another name for the dung beetle is the scarab – Scarabaeidae of the order Coleoptera. The most famous of these beetles, Scarabaeus sacer, is in Egypt. It is about an inch long and can live for more than two years.

The scarab beetle is worshipped by the Egyptians and considered highly spiritual and is associated with the heavens and the Sun God Ra.

It was an emblem of the Egyptian god Khepera, the god of creation, the Sun, and immortality. The image of the scarabaeus beetle was a common amulet buried with the dead as a source of new life for the heart in the next world. These sacred beetles were carved on all kinds of amulets and seals. Large images of them were worshiped in temples.

The scarab or dung beetle roll balls of dung along the ground and into holes, so the it can lay it’s larvae in the dung, this is then used to feed the larvae when it hatches. According to Egyptian doctrine, the dung beetle rolling his ball was believed to show of the Sun’s course and its’ daily self-renewal. Thus a symbolic scarab carrying a solar disc upon its back signified the Sun’s cycle throughout the sky.

The power totem spirit animal beetle can be a sign of renewal, of searching past lives and of vitality.

Written by Amber




Chicken and Rooster power spirit totems meanings

Written by Amber



The Chicken and Rooster power spirit totem meanings are that of wisdom, knowledge, learning, reflection and observation

Chickens were first domesticated over eight-thousand years ago’ and was considered a sacred bird by many tribes, it was also thought to be a symbol of the Sun.  The chicken is a descendant of the wild red fowl – Gallus of India, and has been used for nourishment since the early 1900’s

There are one-hundred and fifty different varieties of domestic chicken, which come in a large variety of colours and patterns. Many of the more colourful feathers and plumage are used for ceremonial costumes.

The chicken and cock represent the yin-yang balance of male and female energies. Together they signify fertility and sexuality. Chicken eggs have been historically used in rituals as fertility symbols.

When Chicken and Rooster power spirit totems come to you this may very well have to do with your sexuality or hormone issues.

They have an inborn ability to sense danger. Known for their robustness the chicken will run from dangers, taking off with a large noise that is designed to startle their predator

The chicken likes its own personal space and will guard and protect this they are tireless birds always on the move.

Therefore the message here of the chicken power animal is that of personal space and boundaries – are you encroaching on someone else’s or are they encroaching on yours?

The chicken is a watchful bird that has extreme sensitivities. The chicken is a flightless bird and is very in touch with the earth’s vibrations and nuances. Therefore if the chicken or rooster is your totem you are likely to have empathic abilities. Empaths absorb energy like a sponge. This group of people can often become highly strung because of it unless they learn how to protect themselves.

If nervous energy is not’ expressed in a balanced way it can lead to unpredictable behaviours! Therefore if the chicken or rooster is your totem taking up a pursuit such as yoga or meditation can help you restore and maintain balance.

The Chicken and Rooster power spirit totems meanings are asking for inner evaluation and ask are you responding to the situations around you from the heart, or is your head ruling and allowing things to spiral out of control.

The Chicken and Rooster power spirit totem is strong and is considered one of the most powerful of all animal totems. The power of knowledge, the spirit of learning, the ability to teach others, and so much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor the Chicken totem.

The message here of the chicken power animal is that of having the courage to accomplish anything you set your mind to. It encourages you to be enthusiastic and know how to balance patience with action.

The chicken totem shows you can be quite a social person and have the uncanny ability to uncover the truth!

Written by Amber


Tarot card layouts and meanings

Using the tarot can HELP you to gain understanding and awareness into your life and situation. However a good tarot reading has advantages and limitations, it can help give clear insight but it can’t make decisions or solve problems for you.

Imagine a good tarot reading is like a snap shot of your life, how it has evolved and grown – what has happened is happening and could possibly happen – the external and internal influences.

The psychic tarot reader uses the tarot cards as a tool they tune into you energy and give you an idea of unseen influences, patterns of behaviour, obstacles, and strengths.

By using different tarot card layouts the psychic tarot reader uses the tarot cards as a tool to dig into a situation for you.

Tarot card layouts and meanings will depend on where the cards land.

The psychic tarot reader and tarot will not make decisions for you, only you can alter or change your own fate this is called free will.

Nevertheless the Tarot can suggest what actions may be taken and a possible outcome if you take them, it does not predict a clear-cut future, as said above each of us has free will and that includes those around you.

For example: Various tarot layouts and meanings…

Love spreads:


Card 2 – Represents your partner

Card 3 – Represents a possible outcome/solution


Fate or choices spread                                                                                                                                

choices tarot spread 1. The root/cause of the problem
2. The immediate past
3. The present situation/NOW
4. The immediate Future YOUR Choices
5. The first Choice
6. The second Choice
7. The outcome/impact of the FIRST choice on your life
8. The outcome/impact of the SECOND Choice on your Life


The Horseshoe spread

horseshoe Card 1: Your present position, THIS IS THE HERE AND NOW as a culmination of all that has led you to this point.
Card 2: Your present expectations, what you believe to be in your present or future, your current outlook.
Card 3: The unexpected, that which is hidden from you, under the surface influences which could come to pass.
Card 4: Your immediate future,WHAT’S UP AHEAD people, ideas or circumstances.
Card 5: Your POSSIBLE long-term future.


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By Amber

The gypsy tarot card spread meanings

The gypsy tarot spread is a very in-depth and lengthy tarot spread which uses 21 cards

The tarot cards are laid out in seven vertical columns of three cards each. Or in three horizontal rows or seven cards a row.

The gypsy tarot card spread meanings looks at the present situation, fears, expectations, future and hidden or possible aspects.

The gypsy tarot spread In some traditions, the top row is the past, the centre row is the present, and the bottom row signifies the future.

So column one which is cards 1, 8 and 15 is going to represent the self: What is important right now, this could be the question on the Querents mind now. Sometimes this column may show a question that they are not asking but are thinking about nevertheless.

Column two which is cards 2, 9 and 19 is going to represent the Querents own personal environment: So this looks at the close relationships the queserent has for example, partner, family, friends, co-workers, and can give you a clue as to what kind of home or work environment your querent is currently living in.

Column three which is cards 3, 10 and 17 is going to represent the querents hopes and dreams: So this looks at ambition, hope and can also show where there could be some fears.

Column four which is cards 4, 11 and 18 is going to represent the known factors: So this looks at any plans that are already in place, the actual situation as it stands at this time. It shows activities that have already happened and whether these were positive or not. Sometimes this column will show what the querent is worrying about and sometimes this is not going to be what they have asked you about!

Column five which is cards 5, 12 and 19 is going to represent the querents hidden destiny: So this looks at any surprises or what is ahead in the short term. This is also where you will see hidden influences and beneath the surface activities. This is also the column where you will notice, fate and karmic activity.

Column six which is cards 6, 13 and 20 is going to represent the querents short term future: So this look s at the next few months and what this could possibly bring

Column seven which is cards 7, 14 and 21 is going to represent the querents long term possible outcome: So this looks at outcomes and resolutions and can indicate sometimes unexpected twists of fate, when it is not related to any of the other columns.

The gypsy tarot card spread meanings are interpreted as row a, b and c and as columns 1 through to 7 this spread typically takes between 90 minutes to ¾ hours depending on the reader and how in-depth they intend to delve!

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Ladybug animal totem

In countless cultures, Ladybugs are sacred. If a Ladybug enters your home, harmony and prosperity will follow. Ladybug animal spirit guide represents domestic harmony.

Ladybug animal totemThe ladybug belongs to the Beetle family, it is brightly coloured and normally has black, yellow or red spots/markings on its hard exterior shell. The message of the ladybug animal totem to you is serving as a warning that you need to be watching out for your adversaries to avoid setbacks. The ladybug sends out the warning defend but don’t be aggressive. The ladybug is never the antagonist; she’s always cool and calm and will defend herself if need be.

The ladybug feels vibration through its legs, this allows them to pick up the energies of the things that they touch this is a form of protection.
After hatching, Ladybugs go through four stages of development in two weeks. Therefore the ladybug animal spirit guide is showing up to help you transition smoothly from one stage of life to another.

The life cycle of a ladybug is normally around four weeks, so over a summer several generations can be born. The ladybug symbolic meaning therefore can be associated to the energies of regeneration and renewal. Power totem spirit guide ladybug therefore teaches us not to worry, and to live life to the full and always in the now.

Power totem spirit guide ladybug reminds us not to go too hastily through life’s experiences, appreciate the moment. Let things run at a natural pace so that you don’t overlook opportunities that may come your way. When you allow things to run, you will see that in due time, your wishes will become satisfied.

In shamanism, Ladybug is associated with spirituality and religious devotion, ladybug symbolic meaning teaches us to trust the Great Spirit and enjoy life. Higher goals and new heights are possible with a totem power animal ladybug.

Even though the ladybug is part of the beetle family we tend not to fear them they are so small and look so harmless. This little creature though small is said to be fearless, and as fear can’t live amongst joy, the message of the ladybug animal totem to you is to let go of your fears because this ladybug brings the promise of joy.

Ladybug animal spirit guide also asks that you restore your faith in the Universe, let go of and pumped up impressions of yourself and go with the flow more!

The totem power animal ladybug also relates to elemental magic. They can indicate Fire, with qualities of passion, action, success; Air, corresponding to vision, intellect and imagination; and the precious metal gold, which is connected to wealth, solar power and divinity.

The ladybug power animal meaning announces a new cycle of change, and is a good sign for the future. Ladybug energy can help shield and protect you from negativity or malevolent magic.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, Catholic farmers prayed that the Virgin Mary would help them get rid of insects that were destroying their crops. Soon after, Ladybugs showed up and ate the pests that were destroying the crops.

Ladybugs are considered as a good omen by farmers, the adult ladybug can eat thousands of insects during their life time. Due to its dies the ladybug will often have parasites – so the message of the ladybug animal totem to you is to look after your digestive system

The farmers then named the ladybug “the Beetles of our Lady,” they soon became more commonly known as Lady Beetles. The red wings of the Ladybug are said to represent the Virgin’s cloak and the black spots are her joys and sorrows.

The ancient Norse belief says that the ladybug first came to earth by lightning and has a connection the Goddess Freya the goddess of love and beauty, also a virgin mother.

European folklore supposed that if one landed on your clothing you would before long be married and if it landed on your skin or hair you would have good luck.

The ladybug was also called the fairy’s pet, and if one was to see one you could make three wishes.

The Turkish word for ladybug translates to “good luck bug”. Ladybug power animal meaning is that of good luck and protection. She indicates you have done the work to defend your dreams, and now they are set to be realized. However ladybug power animal meaning also carries a word of caution, don’t force things or try too hard allow things to unfold at a natural pace – things will happen when the time is right for them to do so!

Worries will quickly disperse when ladybug animal totem appears, paving the way for new found happiness – aim high, you will get what you focus on. Ladybug symbolic meaning also gives you protection from curses and the evil eye.

On the other hand the totem power animal ladybug could be a signal to leave your worries and to not be scared to live your truth.

Ladybug symbolic meaning in Sweden is that if the ladybug lands on a young woman’s hand she will soon be married. In France, if you are ill and a Ladybug lands on you, it is believed that the Ladybug will carry away your illness when she flies away.

People with the power totem spirit guide ladybug are characteristically sociable, yet self-reliant and inquisitive. These people need personal freedom, have strong domestic values and will probably have a great imagination.

On the other hand people with the power totem spirit guide ladybug can also lack balance, have a lack of judgement and on occasions use negative self-talk! So the message of the ladybug animal totem to you could be pointing to a situation that you may have been avoiding dealing with!

Written by Amber

Power Totem Animal Cheetah

Written By Amber

When the power totem animal Cheetah crosses your path he may be trying to tell you pay attention so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity

power totem animal cheetahCheetah medicine teaches you not to get stuck in rigid thinking

The Cheetah is the fastest land animal and is said to sprints at a speed of up to sixty miles an hour. The Cheetah can run at this speed due to the flexibility of its long spine. So the message here to you if the Cheetah is your power totem animal is that it is necessary sometimes to act quickly! Situations can change and you must be ready to change with them, you need to be flexible.

Unlike other felines who stalk their prey, the Cheetah uses its speed to run down its prey, it is swift, and has a keen sight, and asks that you use these attributes too.

Cheetah power animal guide also suggests you can be choosy with whom you make a bond!

Those with the Cheetah power animal guide tend to be solitary and will trust only a few

Cheetah may also be suggesting that you need to accelerate your material or spiritual progression. The power totem animal guide Cheetah may also be around to ask that you keep your focus and not rush things along too fast.

At times when you feel stuck the power totem animal guide Cheetah may appear to help you gain the energy to spring into action!

So the message here to you if the Cheetah is your power totem animal is that of speed and focus, adaptability and flexibility. Consider that putting something off or a lack of clarity can stop you from attaining your goal.

Cheetah medicine teaches you to adjust to varying environmental influences.

The Cheetah power animal totem may also be sending you the warning to avoid over stretching yourself and trying to achieve too many goals at one time.

The Cheetah power animal totem speaks about taking some time out to rest after a period of short but intense activity.

Perhaps the power totem animal Cheetah is with you to encourage you to get the task completed, you are taking too long or dragging your feet maybe a little too much – speed yourself up!

Perhaps the power totem animal Cheetah is telling you not to waste so much time daydreaming, or pondering, he is encouraging you to start – get up and go!

So the message here to you if the Cheetah is your power totem animal is to focus stay on task, clarify, get the job done quickly, relax and reflect

Cheetah medicine could be indicating that you are able to respond quickly to opportunities as well as danger.

Written By Amber