The human auric energy field that surrounds us

Written by Amber

The human auric energy field that surrounds us is created from magnetic energy. As humans we are constantly changing and evolving, so do the subtle auric energy bodies surrounding us. Seven subtle auric energy bodies surround our physical bodies each interconnected with its own unique frequency.

seven-layers-of-the-auraThe subtle auric bodies extend approximately 1.5m around, above and below the human body in an oval shape.

The 7 layers are the 1st layer – etheric layer, 2nd layer – emotional layer, 3rd layer – mental layer, 4th layer – astral layer, 5th layer – etheric template, 6th layer – celestial layer and 7th layer – Ketheric template.

Each layer of the subtle auric energy field holds different information and is connected to a different Chakra, a persons’ physical and emotional health can have an effect on the shape and size of the auric field that surrounds them.

The human auric energy field that surrounds us is also known as meta molecular space, the energies of the aura have the ability to permeate, exit and emit from the human body through the Chakras generating different colour schemes that swirl around us which can change from one colour to another.

There are 7 main chakras running down the centre of the body these are: 1st chakra – base chakra, 2nd chakra – sacral chakra, 3rd chakra – solar plexus chakra, 4th chakra – heart chakra, 5th chakra – throat chakra, 6th chakra – brow chakra (third eye) and 7th chakra – crown chakra.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, each chakra has its own frequency of vibration and spins in a circular motion resembling a vortex being narrow close to the body and widening as it extends out into the aura. The chakras have an associated colour, a good clear colour seen in an aura reading would denote a healthy chakra, muddy or dull colours can denote confusion and holding onto negativity.

A person’s aura contains a wealth of information such as information about their health, physical well-being, emotional well-being, the past and can give an insight into what to look out for in the future.

The human auric energy field that surrounds us extends outward from the physical body and becomes finer. The subtle auric energy field contain specific information about each of us like a data recorder and when one layer of the subtle auric energy field becomes affected, it will cause a ripple effect through the other subtle bodies. Remember that these auric energy bodies are essentially vibrations.

If there are blockages placed in certain areas of your life this can cause a negative mind set with the creative energy around you becoming distorted. Therefore instead of having a positive outcome, your creative energy becomes negative in effect creating fear, indecision and so on.

Typically most human beings will go through life without being aware of the auric energy field surrounding them and therefore are completely unaware of the affect negativity can have on this subtle body. Good thoughts, words, deeds and actions vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore attract the same levels of frequency back to you.

So what does the human auric energy field look like?

The human auric energy field looks much like the layers of an onion really with flowing, swirling colours which move around you. The size of your aura is unique to you as are the ever changing colours and patterns. Each of us as individuals will have a prominent colour this is sometimes referred to as the signature colour, the colour you radiate is affected by your physical surroundings as well as the people you come into contact with and the energy they create.

The human auric energy field that surrounds us is colourful, what do these colours mean?

Auric Colours:

Red: Relates to the physical body, heart, circulation, vitality, ambition and sexual power. Red is the densest colour and creates the most friction which can either attract or repel.

Deep red – Would imply someone that is grounded, realistic, active, strong, have good will-power they will also be survival-oriented.

Dark or cloudy red shows anger, violent or passionate tendencies.

Clear red – Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual and passionate

Orange – Relates to the reproductive organs and the emotions it is the colour of vitality, good health and enjoyment. This person may have a lot of stamina and energy be creative and productive, outgoing and social.

Dull or muddy looking orange can infer low intellect, stress related to appetite and addiction.

Yellow – Relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the colour of optimism, awakening, inspiration, intelligence, action. This person will be creative, playful, optimistic and easy-going.

Dark yellow shows suspicion, greed and materialism.

Dark brownish yellow or gold – represents the student, study, or one who is over analytical to the point of feeling fatigued or stressed. It can represent someone trying to make up for lost time by learning everything all at once.

Light yellow – Emerging psychic and spiritual awareness and positive excitement about new ideas.

Lemon yellow – Can denote one that is struggling to maintain power and control, or someone that fears losing control, prestige, respect, and/or power.

Green – Relates to heart and lungs. This is a healthy natural colour representing healing, calm, growth and balance, it also shows changes happening. This person loves nature, animals, people and could possibly be a teacher. Green- Balance, harmony, healing, the calming force.
Clear green shows adaptability and versatility.

Dark, muddy or forest green represent – deceit, resentment, feeling like a victim and jealousy. This shade of green can also imply envy, insecurity and low self-esteem

Emerald green – A healer, also a love-centred person

Turquoise – Relates to the immune system. This person makes a good therapist or healer and is sensitive and compassionate.

Blue – Is connected to the throat and thyroid, this person will typically be calm, cool, caring, loving, intuitive and sensitive. They may show strong mental powers and be logical thinking.

Light blue – Represents clarity, peace and communicating the truth.

Royal blue – This person is probably clairvoyant and has a highly spiritual nature. It can also represent upcoming opportunities for growth.
Dark or muddy blue – Show someone that is over analytical, suspicious, probably has a fear of the future, or facing up to the truth.

Indigo – This colour relates to the third eye this person may be inspired and display a spiritual and devotional nature, this person will almost certainly be sensitive and be a lover of nature.

Violet – Relates to the crown, pineal gland and nervous system, it is considered the most sensitive and wisest colour. This person is almost certainly intuitive and will have psychic powers

Scarlet – shows Lust, lower passions and materialism.

Rose Pink – indicates a person that is gentle, modest and would typically display selfless love.

Lavender – Would show a dreamer, this person may have a great imagination, be a visionary.

Purple – shows spiritual attainment, divine connection, mystical understanding and cosmic consciousness.

Silver – This colour represents abundance in all areas, if there is a lot of silver this person will almost certainly be wealthy, it can also show an awakening of the mind

Bright silver – This person will be intuitive and a lover of new bright ideas

Muddy silver or Grey – This can indicate problems building within the body, typically manifesting in health issues like depression or physical symptoms especially if the grey forms clusters over specific areas of the body.

Brown – Can indicate greed, materialism and selfish behaviours.

Gold – Is the colour of enlightenment and shows divine protection. This person is being guided by the higher good they will display good qualities and live in harmony with the world around them.

Black – In the aura denotes the pulling of energy and transforming or consuming it. This can denote long term issues such as un-forgiveness this colour has a sinister undertone, malice and can show evil intent. If black is collected over a specific area of the body it can denote health issues. This can also relate to past life hurts and grief.

White – This colour will reflect other energy, it is considered a pure state of light and can be indicating a new not yet formed energy building in the aura this colour is connected to purity, truth and angelic qualities.

Flashes of white shows that angels are nearby, it can also indicate that the person is pregnant or soon will be.

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