Gypsy Fortune Telling Traditions

Written by Amber

Traditionally, throughout history the Gypsy people have been associated with fortune telling, common methods of fortune telling included palmistry, tea-leaf reading, cartomancy, tarot reading and crystal ball amongst others.

Gypsy Fortune Telling TraditionsThe Gypsies, who call themselves Roma or Romany, are a nomadic culture which throughout history been mistreated and discriminated against.
Throughout history the Gypsy people have been associated with fortune telling, magic and shamanism.
There are two words which are used by Gypsies for fortune telling – dukkering which is the modification of a Wallaco-Sclavonian word meaning something spiritual or ghostly.

And bocht which is a Persian word meaning or connected to the Sanscrit bagya, which means fate.
Gypsy fortune telling traditions are much the same everywhere, gypsy women used normal playing cards cartomancy to predict the fortune of the person they were dukkering. Whether playing cards were initially intended for fortune-telling or for games is still not known. What we do know though is by the 16th Century normal playing cards were being used for fortune telling and by the 18th Century were used in daily life. History even suggests Napoleon to have consulted the cards on a regular basis.
Today tarot cards are used as widely for fortune telling and divination. In a tarot deck there are 78 cards – 56 minor arcana cards and 22 major arcana cards.

Tarot cards for fortune telling and divination:
Today tarot cards are a popular method of fortune telling, divination with gypsy women. There are various different tarot decks on the market, with the three most recognised decks being the Marseilles, Thoth and Rider Waite.

Probably the best known and used is the Rider Waite deck which was published in 1910. There are two differences however with the Rider Waite tarot deck this is the Justice and Strength cards. By tradition the Justice card has the number 8 and Strength card has the number 11.

However Arthur Edward Waite reversed this so that the Strength Card had the number 8 and Justice Card has the number 11, to fit in with the astrological correlation concluded by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Readers use tarot cards for fortune telling and divination, each reader will have his/her own style and approach therefore two readers may interpret a spread in different ways.

Today Tarot cards are a popular means of divination, I myself am of Romany decent and follow Gypsy Fortune Telling Traditions, I use the radiant rider waite deck for most of my readings as well as the revolutionary transparent tarot deck.
I am a psychic tarot reader which means that I use my psychic abilities as well as the predictive properties of the Tarot. It is then up to querent to soak up what he or she needs – or is ready for from the reading.


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